Service Excellence: Practice and Delivery

Venue: Cranfield School of Management

Location: Bedford, Beds., United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Oct 21, 2004
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A recent Customer Care Alliance survey of 11, 000 respondents across the UK addressing service delivery and customer perceptions and expectation, found that for 81% of British households ‘problem experience’ was a regular occurrence.

Service excellence is a well-worn aspirational phrase that organisations include in their objectives, strategies and missions as a key deliverable for their customer and as a way to add value in a global marketplace increasingly full of ‘commodity’ products, services and experiences.

But for how many organisations does that aspiration translate through into sustained organisational practice of the type that both delights and retains the customer and informs the operational infrastructure and values of the organisation?

What does ‘service excellence’ really mean and how does it manifest itself both internally within the core of the organisation and externally through every customer transaction?

How does an organisation really place the customer at the centre of everything that it does and what tangible and intangible benefits ensue?

This Cranfield School of Management conference will get to the heart of these issues.

The conference is unique in that it has its roots and origins in the well established and highly respected Unisys/Management Today Service Excellence Awards. ( The Service Excellence Awards are organised by Unisys in association with Management Today magazine and are supported by a number of partners including Cranfield School of Management. Cranfield is closely associated with the awards and has supported them for the past seven years, providing judges for the various industry categories as well as ongoing feedback on the awards process and questionnaire design.

The Service Excellence Awards were established with two main objectives in mind:

- To identify and recognise those organisations operating in the UK that are the industry leaders at serving customers.

- To help organisations identify their strengths and weaknesses, and provide benchmarks and guidance to help them improve performance.

The conference will assist that process by showcasing best practice and facilitating knowledge exchange between not only those organisations who have entered and been successful in the awards over a number of years, but also those that are some way along the path to excellence and seek motivation, practical advice and inspiration to keep them on the right track. It will be a true coming together of those for whom service excellence really is a core organisation objective and they have the results in terms of organisational performance and value creation to prove it.
In the eight years that they have been running almost a thousand companies have benefited from the awards process.

The speakers at the conference have been selected on the basis that, as winners, they have a proven reputation as a provider of exemplary service and can help delegates understand the strategies, tools and techniques that combine to produce service excellence.

Through in-depth speaker sessions, and an opportunity for delegates to debate the issues raised, delegates will:
- Understand the organisational processes and culture necessary to truly implement service excellence and ensure that the values run through the core of the business.
- Appreciate the challenges of changing to a service excellence based organisation but also be made aware of the risks of avoiding change and doing nothing
- Discover a service excellence model that delivers real results.
- Learn how to integrate the 5 vectors of service excellence that lead to the win-win excellence goal that places the customer at the centre of the organisation, creates profitable competitive advantage and value added and delivers exemplary service.

- Understand the key ingredients of service excellence and hear how to integrate them for a truly cohesive approach
- Obtain valuable insights into ‘award-winning’ service from peer organisations that have and are delivering excellence to the customer. Benchmark your organisation against those standards.
- Debate key issues and concerns with like-minded peers within a focused forum dedicated to the goal of achieving service excellence.

Above all, this will be an opportunity to assess how to put both the customer and customer service at the centre of your organisation’s strategy and in a learning environment discover the practical steps necessary to achieve this goal.


United Kingdom

Additional Information

This one day conference is in partnership with Unisys and the Management Today Service Excellence Awards. Price for the day is £595.