First National Conference on Obesity and Health

Venue: Manchester Conference Centre

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Oct 07, 2004
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The global obesity epidemic is one of today’s most pertinent public health issues. The health problems associated with increasing levels of obesity now mean that obesity is not just a clinical issue. Obesity is a social problem prevalent throughout the developed world, impacting on lifespan and resulting in economic problems for the health services and through work days lost.

There are several organisations including government departments, non-governmental organisations and the NHS who, working together, are concerned with improving research, the delivery of treatment and preventative strategies aimed at reducing the financial and social costs associated with the increase in obesity within the population.

This National Conference on Obesity and Health aims to pull together these many organisations and professionals using a cross-sectoral approach to the management of obesity, so as to form part of the process of creating partnerships and alliances for better public health. The meeting will consider what can be done clinically as well as review prevention and treatment on a social level and assess the repercussions of the increase in obesity on today’s society.