Event Date/Time: Dec 15, 2004 End Date/Time: Dec 16, 2004
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The Premier Forum for Cyber Security Leaders in the Financial Services Sector

In continuation of our Identity Theft in Financial Services conference in June, the Strategic Research Institute presents:


Growth in the financial services industry has always depended on strong public trust in our financial institutions. This has never been more the case than it is today. Cyber fraud is a growing problem faced both by banks and by the public. Certainly, the answers will involve balancing interests.

Presently private-sector companies bear the greatest financial burdens resulting from increasingly sophisticated cyber fraud. These institutions are closest to the data points upon which the public form an understanding of the problem. These institutions have much to loose if they let leadership cede to other regulating bodies. They have much it gain if they take the lead in coordinating the development of industry practice, best practices, law, technology, law and policy relating to cyber fraud.

This conference focuses on tangible gains to the bottom line via improved incident reduction, compliance, technology, and post incident support. Marketing and security vs. privacy considerations will also be taken into account.