Bionanotechnology: NANOTOPIA OR NANOFICTION? (bionano)

Venue: WICC

Location: Wageningen, Gelderland, Netherlands

Event Date/Time: Nov 25, 2004 End Date/Time: Nov 25, 2004
Registration Date: Nov 25, 2004
Early Registration Date: Nov 20, 2004
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The Rathenau Institute recently called nanotechnology a trendy word which encompasses a large scope of applications in a broad field of sciences.

When reading about the various applications that are either possible today or promise to become possible in the future, one may get flabbergasted: “smart dust” (minicomputers sized 1 cubic mm), the “onco-chip” and “smart textile”. And what to think about the opportunities in agrifood? Fungicides wrapped in nanoparticles, nanocapsules acting as deliverysystem for functional food molecules, active packaging material killing dangerous bacteria.

The behaviour of matter at the nanoscale is not only food for scientists but its opportunities also create a rich palette of visions, prospects, “horrors & hypes” and items for public debate. What are the risks for our health, if any? Are we going to combine life-organisms with nanodevices? What about our privacy? Do we really want a medical science that can predict precisely how our life will be? What lessons did we learn from the public debates about biotechnology and genomics?

Because this subject is still an -intriguing- black box for many, KLV (the alumni-organisation of Wageningen UR and association of professionals in Life Scienes- organises on November 25, 2004 a symposium on bionanotechnology.

The symposium is divided in four blocks:
1. What is nanotechnology?
2. Which applications might be possible in life sciences?
3. What could be the opportunities and impact for the industry?
4. How are we going to deal with the ethical aspects?

You are very welcome to join!


Lawickse Allee 9

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