Transforming Asian Education Through Open and Distance Learning (CRIDALA2005)

Venue: Open University of Hong Kong

Location: Hong Kong, China

Event Date/Time: Jun 20, 2005 End Date/Time: Jun 22, 2005
Registration Date: Jun 20, 2005
Early Registration Date: Mar 30, 2005
Abstract Submission Date: Dec 15, 2004
Paper Submission Date: Apr 15, 2005
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This Conference aims to provide opportunities for delegates to participate in discussions about the transformation of education through open and distance learning (ODL), particularly in the Asian region. Asia has seen both massive growth and massive change in the way that education is provided to the populations of its many countries, and ODL has played a leading part in this transformation. This occasion will thus enable participants to advance their knowledge of current developments and assist them in planning for the future.

The anticipated outcomes include:

presentations demonstrating the transforming effects of ODL in the Asian region;
presentation of research evidence of the impact of ODL in Asia;
exchange of ideas on emerging issues concerning the utilization of information and communication technologies in ODL research;
papers focusing on each of the sub-themes, providing detailed examination of specific contexts and challenges;
acquisition of research skills and knowledge, particularly by new and young ODL researchers;
increased collaboration and resource-sharing among the international network of researchers and practitioners;
mentoring and networking for future professional development; and
a book of selected top-quality papers presented at the Conference.
CRIDALA/DEGC 2005 will provide the usual blend of discussions, keynote addresses, papers and special events. The combined format of the two Conferences enables the bringing together of two effective gatherings of distance educators to produce a lively forum that will include something for all those in the region with an interest in distance education.

In line with the overall theme, the following sub-themes have been developed to allow presenters to focus on specific aspects of transformation through open and distance learning.

Innovation, Transformation and Development

Throughout Asia over the past decades, various countries have been developing forms of distance education to suit their particular contexts and circumstances. This sub-theme will explore how a range of Asian countries have ensured contextual relevance in their transformation through distance education. In particular, challenges that have been faced, along with innovative solutions that have worked, will be presented to provide stimulation and ideas for others in similar circumstances.

Transforming Learning Through Technology

There is no doubt that information and communication technologies (ICT) have had a major impact on education in the past decade, no more so than in the field of ODL. This sub-theme will explore this issue in depth, providing exemplars and research-based evidence of this impact. Asia in particular has in general been swift to take up the opportunities offered by ICTs, and the transforming effects of this impact will be highlighted. These effects include matters related to both quality and quantity, in terms of such outcomes as improved interactivity, numbers of students, the range of courses and access to educational opportunity.

Providing Appropriate Support and Quality Assurance

Support for both students and staff have long been recognized as critical for the effective implementation of distance education. This sub-theme will show how finding appropriate means of support has helped the transformation of Asian distance education, especially support that enables greater levels of interactivity and overcomes communication barriers.

Distance education is also being transformed through quality assurance. Experiences and methods will be shared on how to establish and improve quality assurance systems at different levels in distance education institutions. The introduction and improvement of macro-monitoring mechanisms by government will be explored, including an accreditation system, in order to improve the quality and credibility of distance education.

Transformation Through Research

This sub-theme will focus on demonstrations of research that has led to change and transformation either at an institutional level or more widely at a country/international level. That is, the aim is to show how useful research can be in leading change and innovation in ODL in Asia. For this purpose research can be interpreted to include evaluation, which by its nature should lead to improvement in practice.

Distance Education and Lifelong Learning

This sub-theme will focus on the importance of the establishment of sustained lifelong education, based on the particular context of each country/region. It will consider how open and distance education contributes to educational transformation within an institution, a country, or even globally, especially with respect to the systematic application of lifelong learning in China and other Asian countries. It will also explore how to effectively strengthen collaboration and integration between distance education and other education modes.

Papers and special sessions (e.g. regional/country meetings, forums, debates, workshops) focusing on any or intersecting all of the above sub-themes will be considered for CRIDALA/DEGC 2005.


30 Good Shepherd St, Homantin
Hong Kong