Event Date/Time: Mar 15, 2004 End Date/Time: Jun 15, 2004
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BioMedAHead is the first International Virtual Trade Show and Exhibition on Biotechnology & Medical Devices, previewing the latest in Biotechnology & Medical Devices field services, products and commodities. An online exhibition that gets potential buyers primed to your benefits, up to speed on your features and ready, willing and able to purchase while meeting vendors online at BioMedAHead virtual exhibition. The show organizers expect that 250 companies from all over the world will participate in the fair, exhibiting the main aspects in Biotechnological and Medical Devices:

Agriculture / Chemistry / Control / Cosmetics / Education, research / Environment / Food / Industry, manufacture, maintenance / Information, management / Materials / Medicine, health care / Multi discipline / Pharmaceutics / Security, safety, defense and more...

Medical Devices:
Pharmaceutics / Chemical / Electrochemical / Computers & Software / Electrical & Electronic / Optical / Electro optical & Photonics / Magnetic & Electromagnetic / Mechanical & Electromechanical / Multi-discipline / Imaging & Image processing / Thermo dynamical / Ultrasonic / Voice / Lab & Research / Miscellaneous and more...

To exhibit at the BioMedAHead Virtual Trade Show and Exhibition, that runs 7 days a week, 24 hours a day or to enquire about registration, please visit our site or link to our BioMedAHead demo tour. Truly, a show like no other! No theatre can offer more outstanding online action. No cinema can be as interactive and involving. No classroom can match the magic of hands-on learning, presenting everything on Biotechnology & Medical Devices under one roof.

With absolutely no claim to replace live exhibiting, we offer you a multiple layers of sight, sound and information, sophisticated communication between you and your potential customers (online chat, VoIP, contact forum, e-mail, online seminars and lectures).

24/7 availability exhibition presence, with absolutely no time or location limits, dynamic booth maintenance and construction, that requires no special skills or knowledge, while saving unnecessary travel expenses and eliminate away-from-work problem - our considerations in deciding to launch the first Internet Biotechnology & Medical Devices Exhibition.

BioMedAHead is scheduled to make its debut worldwide for a period of three months starting on January 15 and closing its gates on April 15.

For additional details, visit our FAQ links for Visitors, Exhibitors and Managers.


Additional Information

This is an opportunity like no other. Our previous AgriAHead virtual exhibition attracted more than 9 million visitors from 128 countries, over a period of three months! Can you afford not being there??