UK Obesity: Implications for the food and drink industry

Venue: BSG Conference Centre

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Nov 10, 2004
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22 -23 November 2004
BSG Conference Centre, London

Why does the growing obesity problem concern me?

Obesity has become a very prominent issue within in the UK, with many labelling the growing problem as an epidemic. The number of cases of obesity in the UK has tripled in the last 20 years and by 2020 it is expected that one third of adults and one fifth of children will be classified as obese. Obesity reduces life expectancy, on average, by nine years and if present trends continue, it could soon surpass smoking as the largest cause of premature death. The current 'epidemic' costs the UK economy over £2bn every year and has begun to put an increasingly severe strain on the health service.

Obesity is generally caused when people overeat in relation to their energy needs. Several factors are contributing to this including: lower energy expenditure due to a more sedentary life style, an increase in the availability of energy-dense foods that are high in calories without being correspondingly filling and a general environment which makes it easier for consumers to eat more than they need. There is much evidence to suggest that people are aware of what is a healthy lifestyle and diet, but it is not always put into practice.

Obesity has received much media coverage recently and the general public recognise the problem. The House of Commons Health Committee recently conducted a report into this area and the Department of Health is to release a white paper in the autumn which will cover the issue. Reducing obesity is an issue set to stay on the agenda.

It appears that there are 3 key stakeholders: Government, The Food and Drink Industry and Civil Society It would appear that responsibility should fall equally among these groups. Government has a civic duty to keep people informed, The Food and Drink Industry must react to a rapidly changing market of consumer wants and societal changes with innovative products.

Lastly, individuals must take the information from interest groups and the government in order to make strong positive changes in their lifestyles and take some responsibility for their wellbeing however, the poor and vulnerable of society need assistance.

Who should attend?

The issues that the conference explores should be understood by all management levels, political and public relations/affairs managers, legislators, marketers, NGOs and public interest groups in the UK, Europe and beyond. The main sector beneficiaries would be the entire food & drink industry, including food manufactures, catering, food marketers and food retail. It will be particularly relevant for companies aiming to explore the benefits of adopting new food marketing, production and labelling strategies. The conference is the ideal forum for any stakeholder in the obesity debate who wants to explore the issues and participate in the debates, in particular health and nutrition professionals, who will find this a benefit.

What will I get from this?

EU Conferences have assembled a fine list of speakers from government, government agencies, industry NGO's and research institutions to examine the thinking, debates and policies surrounding the subject. The mix of speakers aim to give the attendees a balanced view of the obesity problem developing in the UK, examining specifically the implications and opportunities this is likely to present to the food industry. The event will set the UK obesity problem in a global context and will look at government and industry strategies, as well as exploring key issues including promotion, formulation and labelling affecting the food & drink industry.

The conference will use a mixture of presentations, case studies and panel discussions to illustrate the issues and solutions. Case studies from industry will be used to explore the opportunities of new strategies and presentations will explore why the issues can't be ignored.

You will have the chance to put questions to some of the major players in the food & drink, health and nutrition field. The event will also provide you with excellent networking potential. This is an opportunity not to be missed.