Updates Critical Care Nurses Need to Know (CCN 2005)

Venue: Bahamas Cruise on Holland America Lines

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Event Date/Time: Feb 08, 2005 End Date/Time: Feb 12, 2005
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CEU cruise to the Bahamas from Ft Lauderdale, Florida. The purpose of this Ceu activity is to provide current information for critical care nurses about clinical conditions frequently encountered in emergency settings encompassing elements of cause, diagnosis and treatment options with additional emphasis on personal, professional development.

Understanding Acute Respiriatory Distress Syndrom

Acute Lung injury

Impaired Oxygenation

Types of Injury


Predisposing Factors

Clinical Features
Learning How to Differentiate Shock States

Primary Pathophysiologic Events in Shock

Alterations in Cellular Metabolism

Neuroendocrine Activation

Pathophysiologic Consequences of Systemic Response

Cardiogenic Shock

Hypovolemic Shock

Anaphylactic Shock

Neurogenic Shock
Advances in Management of Patients with Severe Sepsis

Septic Shock

Overview of Sepsis



Risk Factors

Clinical Evidence

Pathophysiology of Sepsis

Systemic Activation of Inflammation

Activation of Coagulation

Impairment of Fibrinolysis

Pathophysiologic Consequences

Organ System Dysfunction in Critical Illness

Clinical Signs and Symptoms

Evidence of Organ System Dysfunction

Treatment Strategies

Using Evidence Based Practice in Critical Care
Learning Time Management Strategies
Graduate Education: What is right for you?
Publishing: Tricks, Tips and Techniques