Consumer Electronics Forum 2005

Venue: Hesperia, London Victoria

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Feb 28, 2005
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…from Mobile phones & MP3s to

Plasma/LCD TV, Audios & Wireless Notebooks …

With convergence knocking on the gate, if not already entering our homes — how prepared are your consumers and your businesses to succeed in the challenging retail environment? How can you make sure that it will be your product that consumers will buy? Can you offer them more value, better service and a wider range of products than your competitors?

You cannot survive in the modern market arena without gaining a detailed knowledge of the markets, consumer insight and NPD. You have to know what your consumers think and how they interact with your products. What influences their shopping decisions — is it family, friends, media or innovative product features?

Marketing Week Conferences is delighted to bring you this pan-European forum , specially designed to address the needs and challenges of consumer electronics industry.

. Consumer Insight

- Find out what is selling and what is not
- Discover which generation is buying which product
- Explore consumer psychology in choosing a particular retail route or buying a certain product
- Get your targeting right and speak to your consumers in their own language

. Technology Convergence & NPD

- Share industry insights on technology convergence and then turn the tables around and communicate convergence to consumers
- Take care of your consumers by adding more value to your products
- Glimpse the future of consumer electronics by looking at the latest technologies and innovation

. Retail Landscape

- Extrapolate value out of online offers, bricks and mortar retail, supermarkets sales and advertising
- Challenge the state of price erosion

Hear Great Case Studies & Testimonials From:

- Leon Ramselaar, Vice President Strategy & Intelligence Officer, Philips Consumer Electronics
- Chris Lucas, Sales and Marketing Director, Toshiba Information Systems UK Ltd
- James King, Consumer Marketing Manager, Motorola