Event Date/Time: Dec 05, 2004 End Date/Time: Dec 07, 2004
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Unparalleled in quality and innovation, the Second Annual SecureGOV 2004 Strategic Intelligence Council will afford senior Government IT, Security and Privacy Officers with the latest developments critical to maximizing the protection of information resources, wireless communications, networks and critical infrastructure. Through an eclectic mix of keynote presentations, interactive think tanks, roundtables, workshops and conference sessions, the US Government’s elite will evaluate key strategies and technologies essential to overcoming top security challenges currently facing the public sector. In addition, SecureGOV 2004 will unite these officials with leading supplier organizations in private executive meetings- enabling the officials to evaluate cutting-edge, results-based security solutions and achieving agency security requirements.

SecureGOV 2004 Strategic Intelligence Meeting Sessions

• Using the FEA Security and Privacy Profile Phase 1: Building a Foundation for Government-wide Improvement
• Cyber-Security and National Security - Cyber-Security at DHS
• Understanding and Implementing Information Processing Standards
• Identity Verification: Using Biometrics, Smart Cards, and Other ID Verification Tools
• Analysis of Insider Threats: Critical Infrastructure Sectors and the Federal Government
• Education as a Tool Against Cyber Vulnerabilities
• Managing Wireless Security Concerns and Developments in Technology
• Anticipating Evolving Threats and Malicious Code - The Future of Hacking
• Service Provider Panel: An Examination of Cutting-Edge Security Technology
• Developing an Information Assurance Architecture
• Secure Point-to-Point Voice and Data Communication: CDMA and GSM Security Characteristics
• Sharing and Securing Sensitive and Mission Critical Data at both Secure and Remote Locations

SecureGOV 2004 Strategic Intelligence Meeting Speakers

• Ken Echevarria, CEO, Public Sector Group (confirmed)
• LTC Clifton Poole, Professor, National Defense University (confirmed)
• John Hooder, Senior Communication Security Engineer, Defense Information Systems Agency, DoD (confirmed)
• Lenny Superville, Chief Information Officer, Office of North Carolina State Auditor (confirmed)
• Tom Karygiannis, Chief Scientist, NIST (confirmed)
• Ronald Jost, Director, Wireless, Department of Defense (invited)
• Andy Purdy, Acting Director, National Cyber Security Division, DHS (invited)
• Karen Evans, Administrator, eGovernment & Information Technology, OMB (invited)
• Rocky Young, Professor, National Defense University (confirmed)
• Tim Grance, Director, NIST (confirmed)
• Robert Dacey, Director, Information Security Issues, GAO (invited)
• John Woodward, Director, Biometrics Management Office, DoD (invited)
• Frank Moss, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Passport Services, US Dept of State (invited)
• Asa Hutchison, Undersecretary for Border & Transportation Security, Customs & Border Protection Agency, DHS (invited)
• Dr. James Carlo, Director & VP, Standards Association, IEEE (invited)
• Lt. Col. Ronald Dodge, Ph.D., Director, IT & Operations Center, United States
Military Academy (USMA) at West Point (confirmed)
SecureGOV 2005 Featured Topics

 Homeland Security
 Cyber Terrorism
 Network Security
 Enterprise Security Assessment
 Web Security
 Anti-Virus
 Wireless Security
 Virtual Private Networks
 Data Security
 Physical Asset Security
 Intrusion Detection
 Authentication
 SSL Security
 Security Infrastructure
 Application Security
 Biometrics
 Cryptography
 Communication Security
 Transaction Security
 Email Filtering Security
 Privacy
 Monitoring Solutions
 Information Assurance
 Internet & Systems Security
 E-Business Security
 Content Security Software
 Consulting
 Airport Security
 Firewalls
 Secure Architecture
From the inception of the SecureGOV Strategic Intelligence Meeting, the SecureGOV Strategic Intelligence Council (SSIC) has played a key role in developing cutting-edge, high-quality curriculum for the continuing education of senior executives in the Government Information Security industry. The SSIC is comprised of forethought leaders, from both the public and private sector, who offer their knowledge, expertise and passion on the latest strategies and most recent technology developments in the industry. This intelligence is provided to conVurge’s Research & Curriculum Development Office through the following methods:
• Bimonthly Council Meetings
• Content Review & Development
• Speaker & Delegate Referrals
• Technology Recommendations
• Presentation Review
• Speaker Guidance
For further information regarding the SecureGOV Strategic Intelligence Council, please contact Jessica Pohlonski, VP, Research & Director, Curriculum Development at (773) 296-4154.

SecureGOV 2004 Agenda

Day One
Sunday, December 5, 2004
12:00pm- 3:00pm Registration
12:30pm- 1:30pm Ice Breaker
1:30pm- 2:25pm Solution Provider Workshop
Partnering With the Government: Strategies for Success
Government Workshop
Partnering With the Private Sector: Strategies for Success
2:30pm- 3:25pm Government Workshop
Successfully Developing an Information Assurance Architecture
3:30pm- 4:30pm Panel Discussion
The Evaluation of Federal Legislation for Wireless Intrusion & Sniffing
6:00pm- 7:00pm Welcome Cocktail Reception
7:00pm- 7:15pm conVurge & Chairperson Welcome
7:15pm- 7:45pm Welcome Keynote Presentation
7:45pm-10:00pm Dinner

Day Two
Monday, December 6, 2004
6:30am- 7:30am Breakfast
7:30am-8:45am Opening Keynote Address
Mission: Securing the Cyberworld
8:55am-12:00pm Interactive Focus Groups
12:00pm-1:10pm Luncheon & Keynote Presentation
The FEA Security & Privacy Profile: Ensuring Government-Wide Improvement
1:20pm- 2:15pm Interactive Focus Groups
2:20pm-3:20pm Conference Session
Increasing Security & Interoperability through Implementing Information Processing Standards
Solution Provider Panel Discussion
Service Provider Panel: An Examination of Cutting-Edge Security Technology
3:30pm- 4:25pm Interactive Focus Groups
4:30pm - 6:00pm Interactive Session
The Biometrics Challenge: A Hands-On Experience
5:45pm- 7:30pm Free Time
7:30pm-10:30pm Dinner & Entertainment: Casino & Jazz Night

Day Three
Tuesday, December 7, 2004
7:00pm- 7:55am Breakfast
7:55am- 8:40am Keynote Panel Discussion
Identity Dominance: Building a Successful Authenication Systems through the Use of Biometrics, Smart Cards and other ID Verification Tools
8:50am- 10:15am Interactive Focus Groups
10:20am- 11:05am Conference Session
Virtual Environments to Improve Cyber-Security
Conference Session
Critical Infrastructure Protection: Analysis of Insider Threats
11:10am- 12:10pm Keynote Interactive Session
Facing the Inevitable Future
12:15pm- 1:10pm Interactive Focus Groups
1:15pm- 2:30pm Closing Keynote & Luncheon
The Convergence of Layered Security Within Networks
4:00pm-6:00pm Bowling Competition
7:00pm- 10:00pm After Hours Karaoke
Forum Highlights:
Interactive Session: Biometrics Challenge
As biometric technologies are becoming increasingly accurate and cost-effective, they are regarded as the solution of choice across federal, state, and local governments. Public sector agencies are now addressing the important role that biometrics will play in secure identification, personal verification and the protection of national assets. This workshop will provide an introduction to the different types of biometric technologies and their functions, implementation, evaluation, standards as well as cultural and social implications.

Security Certifications
Upon forum conclusion, conVurge offers a Certificate of Completion signed by the forum producer for use with CISSP, CISA, CISM, PMP, ISTACA and other security certifications.

conVurge Casino Night
High-ranking government officials and executives from innovative solution providers alike always enjoy conVurge’s Casino Nights! In what has become a trademark of conVurge’s executive forums, you’ll have the chance to network and build relationships with these exceptional individuals while shooting craps, playing blackjack, and listening to live jazz. Nowhere else will you have the chance to share these fun times with a crowd like this!

SecureGOV 2004 Keynote Joint Session: “Facing the Inevitable Future”

The SecureGOV 2004 Keynote Joint Session will afford delegates with a unique opportunity to evaluate key issues that are expected to have a profound impact on the future of the information security industry. The SecureGOV 2004 Keynote Joint Session will be divided into five groups with one of the below issues assigned to each group. Following a brief introduction, twenty-five minutes will be allotted for the evaluation and strategy development for each issue. The Session will then come together, allowing for a five-minute briefing from each group to summarize their discussion and strategies developed. The remaining ten minutes will offer additional time to discuss recurring issues raised throughout the Session.

Session Issues
• Computer Forensics
• VoIP and Voice Recognition
• Wireless Network Security
• National Identity Management System
• Homeland Security and Bio Terrorism Efforts