Event Date/Time: Mar 06, 2005 End Date/Time: Mar 08, 2005
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The hrGOV 2005 Strategic Intelligence Meeting, featuring eLearningGOV 2005,
will afford senior HR Government officials with the training, strategies and
technologies critical to achieving agency objectives and building long-term
organizational excellence.
Through a strong mix of keynote presentations, interactive think tanks,
workshops and conference sessions, HR Government’s elite will offer proven
methods and lessons learned in acquiring and retaining top intellectual
capital, cultivating a knowledge-savvy workforce, building a performancedriven
culture, and increasing organizational efficiency and effectiveness. In
addition, hrGOV 2005 will unite the forward-thinking HR officials with leading HR
supplier organizations in private executive meetings- enabling the officials to
evaluate cutting-edge HR products and services that reduce costs, automate
processes and maximize workforce performance.
As the US Government faces a future of unrelenting competition, hrGOV 2005
and eLearningGOV 2005 have been specifically designed to unite government
Human Resources and Learning & Development officials in a relaxed, yet
professional environment- while providing world-class information discourse
that is vital to the optimization of both workforce knowledge and performance
in the US Government.
hrGOV 2005 Topics
The Human Capital Transformation: Assessing the Progression
Human Capital Management: Innovative Strategies for Meeting the
The Transformation: Winning Strategies for Effectively Managing
Developing a Winning Metrics Program to Effectively Measure
Performance & Achieve Agency Objectives
The Changing Role of HR Government: Strategic Partners
Pay-for-Performance: Maximizing Workforce Results
In-House vs. Outsource: Evaluating your Agencies Needs
The Blended Learning Model: Cultivating a Knowledge-Savvy
Workforce through an Eclectic Mix of Learning Methodologies
Succession Planning: Implementing a Leadership Development
Program to Prepare Leaders of the Future
HR eGov: Leveraging Technology to Maximize Operational
Effectiveness & Efficiency
Acquiring & Retaining Top Intellectual Capital: The Key to Future
Diversity training and learning in the Workplace: EEOC
conVurge Conference Session
hrGOV 2004 Presenters
Sample List
Dan Blair, Deputy Director, US OPM
Gale Rossides, CSSO, TSA, DHS
Frank Anderson, President, DAU
Jeri Buchholz, Director, USITC
Karen Czarnecki, Director, DOL
Patricia Lynn Scarlett, CHCO, DOI
Napolean Avery, Deputy CHCO, IRS
Ruthie Jackson, Director, HRM, DOA
conVurge Conference Session
conVurge Past Solution Providers & Media Partners
hrGOV 2005 will involve 15 solution provider companies to present solutions in the
following areas:
Application Service Providers Benefits & Administration Solutions
Change Management Compensation Solutions
Compliance and Regulatory Standards e-Recruiting / Recruiting
e-Learning Executive Search
Executive Management Employee/Managers Self Service
Financial Management Solutions Hiring Software
Human Resource Management Systems HR Consulting Services
HR Outsourcing HR Portals
Knowledge Management Leadership Development
Assessment Tools Organizational Development
Performance Management Retention
Workforce Management Systems
Past Executive Agency Representation
US Departments:
Department of Air Force
Department of Agriculture (DOA)
Department of Army
Department of Commerce (DOC)
Department of Defense (DoD)
Department of Energy (DOE)
Department of Education
Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Department of Interior (DOI)
Department of Justice (DOJ)
Department of Labor (DOL)
Department of Navy
Department of State (DOS)
Department of Transportation (DOT)
Department of Treasury
Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)
Independent Government Agencies:
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board,
Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
Corporation for National Service
Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office (CIAO)
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
Executive Office of the President (EOP)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Independent Government Agencies (continued):
Export-Import Bank of the United States
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Federal Elections Commission
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Federal Maritime Commission
Federal Reserve System (12)
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) (4)
General Services Administration (GSA)
Merit Systems Protection Board
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (48)
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
National Endowment for the Arts
National Endowment for the Humanities
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
National Science Foundation (NSF) (18)
National Security Agency (NSA)
National Transportation Safety Board
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
Sandia National Labs
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) (2)
Small Business Administration (SBA)
Smithsonian Institution
Social Security Administration (SSA)
Tennessee Valley Authority
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
United States International Trade Commission (USITC)
United States Postal Service (USPS) (5)
Voice of America (VOA)
conVurge Business Meeting
As a featured track of hrGOV 2005, eLearningGOV 2005 Strategic Intelligence Meeting will afford top government officials in Learning & Development
with an unparalleled opportunity to evaluate the latest developments critical to maximizing performance, enriching the learner’s experience, cultivating
a knowledge-savvy workforce and achieving agency objectives. eLearningGOV 2005 will unite forward-thinking L&D officials with leading eLearning
supplier organizations in private executive meetings- enabling the officials to evaluate cutting-edge eLearning products and services that reduce costs,
maximize performance and drive organizational excellence.
As the U.S. Government faces a future of unrelenting competition, leveraging intellectual capital to maximize performance is key to success. So too is
recovering a return on the learning investment. Through an eclectic mix of keynote presentations, interactive think tanks, workshops and conference
sessions facilitated by government’s L&D elite, attending officials will gain proven methods in creating blended learning strategies to reduce costs and
effectively build performance-driven cultures.
Through the unification government Human Resources and Learning & Development officials, hrGOV 2005 and eLearningGOV 2005 Strategic Intelligence
Meetings will provide world-class information discourse that is vital to the optimization of both workforce knowledge and performance in the US
eLearningGOV 2005
March 6-8, 2005
Homestead Resort, Hot Springs, VA
eLearningGOV 2005 Topics
Strategic eLearning: Building an Organization that is Powered by
Building the Case: Key Elements to Successfully Garner Buy-In
Linking the eLearning Plan to Agency Objectives and Overall Strategic Plan
The Transformation: Effectively Managing the Impact of Change
eLearning Implementation: The Critical Element
Leveraging your eLearning Initiative to Acquire and Retain Top Intellectual
Building Common Technological Standards to Ensure Equitable Access and
Reduce Development Costs
The Blended Learning Model: Optimizing Various Learning Methodologies
to Building a Successful Learning Organization
Retraining the Trainer: Penetrating the Conventional Definition of
Knowledge Management
Successfully Developing and Managing Partnerships to Achieve Optimal
eLearning Performance
Maximizing Customer Relations through Customer-Centric eLearning
Building On-Line Communities to Foster a Knowledge-Sharing Culture
Engaging the Learner: Strategies to Successful Retain the Learning
ROI: Ensuring Results from your LMS Investment
Developing a New Measurement Program to Ensure eLearning
Service Provider Categories
Application Service Providers
Assessment Tools
Authoring Tools and Systems
Collaboration Systems
Consulting Services
Government Training Courseware
Curriculum Design
Development Services
E-Learning Integration Services
Enterprise Learning Systems
Instructional Design Services
Knowledge Management Systems
Learning Management Systems
Learning Portals
Virtual Test Centers
Training & Development
eLearningGOV Attendees
Chief Learning Officers
Chief Training Officers
Chief Knowledge Officers
Knowledge & Learning Specialists
Learning & Development Directors
Chief Human Capital Officers
Chief Information Officers
HR Directors
HR Technology Specialists/HRIS “I wanted to say again how much I enjoyed the conference. I received more benefit than I had
anticipated. The power of networking is not to be underestimated!” -Pat Heinig, Chief Enterprise
Architect, US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security
“It’s a unique approach that I’ve never done before, and I found it very useful being able to sit down
with vendors for a good period of time to talk about what we’re doing at the FCC, and seeing how
their solutions might really map well to our systems and our processes…I hoped to get some new ideas
and insights into how to do things better and that aspect was very successful.” - Marc Noble, Associate
Computer Security Officer, FCC
“People seem generally less distracted {here}. I didn’t see blackberries or cell phones being used too
much. It seemed for a day and a half or so that everyone’s attention was largely trained on both the
contact of our discussions and what we are going to do afterwards” - - Andy Bochman, Director of
Federal Sales, Ounce Labs
Who Should Attend
Chief Financial Officers
Chief Human Capital Officers
HR Directors
Hr Managers
Workforce Planning Directors
Training & Development Directors
Leadership & Organizational
Development Directors
Chief Executive Officer/President
Vice President, Sales
Vice President, Federal
hrGOV 2005 Preliminary Agenda
12:00pm 3:00pm Registration
12:30pm 1:30pm Ice Breaker
1:30pm 2:25pm Solution Provider Workshop
2:30pm 3:25pm Government Workshop
3:30pm 4:30pm Panel Discussion
6:00pm 7:00pm Welcome Cocktail Reception
7:00pm 7:15pm conVurge & Chairperson Welcome
7:15pm 7:45pm Welcome Keynote
7:45pm 10:00pm Dinner
6:30am 7:30am Breakfast
7:30am 8:45am Opening Keynote Address
8:55am 12:00pm Interactive Focus Groups
12:00pm 1:10pm Luncheon Keynote
1:20pm 2:15pm Interactive Focus Groups
2:20pm 3:20pm Solution Provider Panel Discussion/
Conference Session
3:30pm 4:25pm Interactive Focus Groups
4:30pm 6:00pm Interactive Session
5:40pm 7:30pm Free Time
7:30pm 10:30pm Dinner & Entertainment: Casino & Jazz Night
7:00am 7:55am Breakfast
7:55am 8:40am Keynote Panel Discussion
8:50am 10:15am Interactive Focus Groups
10:20am 11:05am Conference Session/Interactive Workshop
11:10am 12:10pm Joint Interactive Session
12:15pm 1:10pm Interactive Focus Groups
1:15pm 2:30pm Closing Keynote & Luncheon
4:00pm 10:00pm Bowling (4:00pm) & Karaoke (7:00pm) Activities
“conVuge offered a unique opportunity for focused, extended discussions with many different individuals and groups. Every
event (meals, sessions, meetings) became a networking opportunity. Access to anyone, almost anytime, over the three days
was easy and appreciated.” - Lt. Col. Craig Kaucher, National Defense University
“I had a chance to meet companies with products that we hope to be able to integrate in our environment very soon…I would
certainly do it again if given the opportunity!” - Daniel Ragsdale, IT Program Director, Department of EE & CS, US Military Academy
“I found them (the one-on-one meetings) to be quite useful because it was a simple low-key conversation, not a high-pressure sales
pitch. We can get to know each other a little bit…Two benefits (to conVurge forums). First, the opportunity to network with other
people from other parts of the government. The other is talking to vendors and contractors about what they’re doing, because
sometimes it’s easier to find about someone face-to-face than it is through a website.” -Con Kenney, Chief Enterprise Architect, FAA
conVurge Casino Night
Forum Highlights:
hrGOV Strategic Intelligence Council
From the inception of the hrGOV Strategic Intelligence Meeting, the hrGOV Strategic
Intelligence Council (HSIC) has played a key role in developing cutting-edge, high-quality
curriculum for the continuing education of senior executives in the Government Human
Resources. The HSIC is comprised of forethought leaders, from both the public and private
sector, who offer their knowledge, expertise and passion on the latest strategies and most
recent technology developments in the industry. This intelligence is provided to conVurge’s
Research & Curriculum Development Office through the following methods:
• Bimonthly Council Meetings
• Content Review & Development
• Speaker & Delegate Referrals
• Technology Recommendations
• Presentation Review
For further information regarding the hrGOV Strategic Intelligence Council, please
contact Jessica Pohlonski, VP, Research & Director, Curriculum Development at (773)
conVurge Casino Night
High-ranking government officials and executives from innovative solution
providers alike always enjoy conVurge’s Casino Nights! In what has become a
trademark of conVurge’s executive forums, you’ll have the chance to network
and build relationships with these exceptional individuals while shooting craps,
playing blackjack, and listening to live jazz. Nowhere else will you have the
chance to share these fun times with a crowd like this!
Bowling & Karaoke Night
Just added to select conVurge Forums, the conVurge Bowling Tournament and
Karaoke competition provide yet more opportunities to network with peers. Split
into groups of 3-4, participants will bowl at The Homestead's bowling alley and
compete for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place prizes. Afterwards, all will congregate at the
Player's Pub for an informal karaoke competition.
hrGOV: A Focus on Networking
conVurge’s innovative model for executive forums is based upon the idea that
building good business practices is synonymous with building good business
relationships. For this reason, when you attend hrGOV in March of 2005 you will
have the opportunity to not only meet the individuals who are creating
innovative products or leading government initiatives, you will have the chance
to speak with them, one-on-one, in an environment conducive establishing
successful business relationships. At conVurge, we think of it as networking with
substance; you’ll think of it as success.
Live Entertainment & Casino Night
conVurge Cocktail Reception
conVurge Wireless Panelists
Upper Cascades Golf Course