Event Date/Time: Jul 21, 2005 End Date/Time: Jul 23, 2005
Registration Date: Jul 22, 2005
Early Registration Date: Dec 30, 2004
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Global: "Networking into the Future"2
“ PostGlobalisation: Higher Education Institutions facing the
Knowledge Society/Economy and GATS”

Originality and topicality is largely provided by you the participant. We are looking forward to receiving your abstracts ASAP. The abstracts will be meticulously reviewed by an international panel of experts. Selected poster authors will be offered speaking opportunities within the “Networking into the Future” Session.
Global is organized around a series of five HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS Clusters. Abstracts are invited on a variety of topics, some of which are listed below:

Economic & Political Globalization
Technological Globalization
Social Globalization
Global Trends
Post Globalization: Knowledge Economy/Society

* Internationalisation: At home and Abroad
* Global Market: Education Import-Export
* Global Job Market
* The new role of Transnationals Companies/Corporations
* Economic Integration & Educative Agendas (NAFTA, EU, MERCOSUR, APEC, FTAA, etc.)
* Financing Education & Educational Projects (Grants, Scholarships, etc.)
* GLOCAL: local policies within global tendencies
* McDonalization
* New Curriculum, New Professions, New Jobs, New Places
* Managing in the New Context

* Internet
* Virtual Communities
* Impact of Tecnology in Learning and Teaching
* Marketing New Educational Products through Tecnology
* Tecnological and Scientific Collaboration
* Sustainable Development
* Managing Complexity
* Democracy on the WWW
* Databases
* Managing S & T Networks
* The New patterns of Knowledge sharing and distribution
* Communication, storage and retrieval of Knowledge

* Global Society
* Global Citizenship
* Global Governance: the new role of International Organisms
* Fighting poverty and Social Development
* International Volunteer Communities
* NGO's or the Third Sector
* Internships and Cultural Inmmersion
* Global Human Rights
* Global Education: Market or Humanism Oriented?
* Education For All: what have we accomplished?
* Anti-globalization
* Managing Social Development

* Multinationalization
* Languages Learning and Teachingas Institutional strategy
* Diplomacy
* Twinning
* Virtualization
* Mobility
* GATS (the General Agreement on Trade in Services)
* Certification & Acreditation & Harmonization
* Privatization
* Organization & Managing in the Knowledge Society / Economy
* University International Affaires
* Global flows of Knowledge
* Internationalisation of the Curriculum
* The new Exchange Programs schemes
* The Impact on Academe
* Selling - Buying

* Innovation Competitiveness
* Knowledge and The future of Science & Tecnology
* Innovation Consortia & Networks
* Human Resources for the Knowledge Society/Economy
* Knowledge Without Frontiers
* The Systems Approach to Learning and Teaching
* New Educational Models for The Innovation Systems
* Local, National and Regional Systems of Innovation
* Managing Inovation
* Lifelong Learning

Any relevant paper within the context of the event will be considered for presentation even if the topic is not included in the clusters.

Veracruz, Mexico. July, 2005

Get global perspectives!!!!

A unique opportunity for people involved in higher education (universities, government, international organisms, corporations, etc.) to share experience and knowledge in an international context. Enjoy an exciting and innovating format wich combines both academic activities and lots of fun.

Global: "Networking into the Future", promotes:

* Intellectual exchange to understand the global context, the transition towards the Knowledge Society, and the operational factors that make it possible.
* To share and learn in a format of innovating congress.
* Internationalization processes for universities, government, companies and for all participants.

Global: "Networking into the Future" 2, tries to create a platform to provide:

* Enriching perspectives for all participants.
* International cooperation in its best expression.
* A more solid base to understand the global context, which extends beyond of what happens in our own countries. Building blocks for a common future.
* Identification and/or activation of networks to face the challenges of the globalización in the future. (NETWORKING).
* Academic and scientific spaces "Without Borders", to face better the challenges of the Knowledge Society.

Who should attend?

Education/Economy Ministries Officers. All levels of university management, corporations interested in higher education, international organisms directors, government authorities, professional associations representatives, international agencies, faculty, students, etc.

The Conference is open to all those individuals, institutions and organizations that have something to say or to share on the central issue.



Paseo del Malecón 244

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