Event Date/Time: Mar 13, 2005 End Date/Time: Mar 19, 2005
Registration Date: Mar 13, 2005
Early Registration Date: Jan 14, 2005
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Program Objectives
• Train health professionals to become CancerGuides
– To prepare health and mental health professionals to work as CancerGuides on their own or in conjunction with cancer centers or oncology practices
– To provide strategies for helping patients develop individualized programs of comprehensive cancer care
– To equip participants to deal with the psychological turning points and crises of cancer care: diagnosis, the side effects of treatment, making informed choices, what to do at the end of conventional care, recurrence and death and dying
– To teach clinicians and educators to help patients develop ongoing programs of post-treatment cancer care
– To provide a basic understanding of the biology of cancer and the efficacy and limitations of conventional care

• Teach critical assessment of the current research
– To present the most authoritative cutting-edge information on complementary therapies that can be integrated into the care of the cancer patient
– To provide step-by-step guidance in assessing the research literature on complementary, alternative and conventional therapies
– To provide criteria for assessing the efficacy of alternative therapies and identifying when they can be most effectively and wisely used
• Provide participants with a basic repertory of mind-body approaches
– To provide a basic understanding of psychoneuroimmunology and its relevance to the treatment of cancer
– To provide a repertory of psychological, mind-body and nutritional approaches for participants to use in their practice with cancer patients

• Offer resources for comprehensive, integrative cancer care
– To provide bibliographies and references that healthcare professionals can use in their own practices and communities
– To provide information about insurance coverage
– To provide guidance in developing a resource center for cancer patients and their families


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