Event Date/Time: Dec 16, 2004
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This intensive two day program will examine the key issues in the market as well as ongoing regulatory changes that you and your company need to consider when structuring contracts
* Translating your energy demand and operational requirements into an effective contract
* Successful purchasing and negotiating strategies for electric supply contracts
* Recent trends in natural gas transaction documents
* Managing information flow for effective energy procurement within your organization
* Understanding what suppliers want from end users in energy contracts
* The ending of standard offer service and how your organization can plan to protect itself for the future
* Future directions and policy of ISO New England
* Contractual provisions in energy procurement and power purchase agreements - how hedging agreements are used to manage risk
* New approaches to managing risk
* Strategies for managing transportation and storage risks

Opening Keynote Address:
New Legislative Changes That Influence the Energy Markets:
Paul G. Afonso
Chairman, Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy


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