CHI’s Targeted Therapeutics Summit

Venue: Washington,

Location: Washington,, District Of Columbia, United States

Event Date/Time: Jun 13, 2005 End Date/Time: Jun 14, 2005
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The fundamentals of the pharmaceutical industry are certainly changing. Although the historic model of blockbuster drugs is not becoming extinct, the days of profitability based solely on these blockbusters is showing its age. The traditional strategy must be combined with a model based on targeted therapeutics in order for profitability to continue.

The business model for targeted therapeutics is quite different from blockbusters. This has wide implications for the development and commercialization stages. Using molecular diagnostics to identify appropriate patients is now an integral component of the product strategy. Even though targeted populations will be smaller indication targets, they may result in smaller clinical trials, better efficacy performance and multiple marketing advantages.

This new business model creates many questions that the industry must address. What impact is there on strategies for product development, pricing or the overall economics of this model? In the age of molecular medicine, healthcare will inevitably move in the direction of the right treatment for the right patient. How quickly will these changes take place and where will the impact be most significant? The key question is how can the pharmaceutical industry learn to view targeted therapeutics as profitable opportunities for growth, instead of simply a reduction in market potential? The companies that understand this model, attack these question, and design strategies to exploit these opportunities, will be much better positioned for the healthcare landscape of the future.