Nanotechnology: Issues for Business Conference

Venue: Hotel President

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Event Date/Time: Jan 14, 2005
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Nanotechnology: Issues for Business Conference

25-26 April 2005
Brussels, Hotel President WTC

This conference aims to explore all of the current issues surrounding materials nanotechnology from the perspectives of government, industry, associations, and the end-user. It will examine a wide variety of topics, including commercialisation and investment issues, environmental and health concerns, and public perception and opinion. The event particularly focuses on the business opportunities arising from nanotechnology and assesses the impact of the developing technology on industry, investors, and society. Finally, it will include an examination of the current status, and future direction, of materials nanotechnologies, using several case studies to highlight the potential business opportunities available.

Who should attend?

The issues surrounding business opportunities arising from nanotechnology should be understood by a wide variety of businesses, organisations and private individuals. The event should be of particular interest to management levels of manufacturing and technological companies, scientific & research professionals, legislators, investors, academics, NGOs and public interest groups. However, the issues discussed are applicable to all sectors of industry and all sizes of organisation with any involvement in manufacturing or producing goods. It is a critical event for those who want to understand the concepts behind nanotechnology, invest in the technology, or incorporate it into their business strategy. The event will also be particularly useful for those currently involved in nanotechnology projects, especially businesses needing to learn more about commercialisation opportunities and strategies for investing in the industry.


Additional Information

Nanotechnology: Issues for Business 25 - 26 April 2005 Brussels, Hotel President WTC Conference Proceedings - Day 1 Chair: Dr John Taylor OBE FRS, Chairman, Roke Manor Research (former Director General of Research Councils, UK Office of Science and Technology & Chairman, Research Councils UK) (tbc) 08:30 Registration and Coffee 09:00 Chair’s Opening Remarks I. Keynote speeches 09:15 The European Commission's strategy for nanotechnology • The importance of nanotechnology to EU competitiveness • The Commission's nanotechnology strategy • The open consultation • Future opportunities for industry and the research community Dr. Angela Hullmann, Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, DG Research, European Commission 10:05 The industry perspective on the future of nanotechnology • Why does industry care about nanotechnology? • Getting from nanoscience to nanomanufacturing • Global Competitive Issues • Paths and hurdles to commercialization • Real and addressable markets Tim Harper, Executive Director, European NanoBusiness Association & CEO, Cientifica 10:45 Morning Coffee II. Consumer Confidence and Saftey 11.15 Perceptions of the General Public • General lack of knowledge and understanding of nanotechnology • The positive and negative potentials identified • The role of education Susie Macdonald, Senior Research Executive, & Dr Andrew Thomas, Director of Qualitative Research, BMRB International Limited 11:50 Health and environmental impacts of nanotechnologies • The perceived health & environmental impact of nanotechnologies • Consumer perception • Lack of evidence on safety & environmental impact • Possible regulation & implications for industry Prof Anthony Seaton, Member of Working Group, Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering Study on Nanotechnology 12:30 Panel Discussion: Developments and impacts of nanotechnologies • Have the worries about safety been overcome? • Current and future consumer confidence in nanotechnology • Is the EU developing a health ecosystem for commercialising the technology? Moderator: Dr John Taylor OBE, Chairman, Roke Manor Research (tbc) Panellists: Selection of speakers from this morning’s session 13:00 Lunch Chair: Representative from BVCA (tbc) 14:15 Chair’s Opening Remarks III. Investing in the New Industrial Revolution 14:25 Current & near-term developments in the application of nanotechnologies • The current & near-term nanotechnologies & applications • Move towards bottom up manufacturing approaches • Revolution or evolutionary? • Opportunities for industry & investors Philippe Mere, General Partner and Executive Member, Banexi Ventures Partners (tbc) 15:00 Analysing the potential of public & private Nanotechnology Companies • The role of Nanotechnology in creating new commercial opportunities • Understanding the underlying potential & its investment implications • Long-term prospects for investors in nano Dr Mike Mitchell, Analyst, Evolution Beeson Gregory (tbc) 15:35 Afternoon Tea 16:05 Developing a strategy for investment in nanotechnologies • Identifying the correct nanotechnologies to invest in • Determining the success of a new venture • The future of nanotechnology & opportunities for investment Robert Jelski, Global Sector Head - Electronics, Semiconductors & Advanced Technologies, 3i plc 16:40 Commercialising nanotechnology • Making profitable applications • Problems in commercialising • Making nanotechnology work for industry Dr. Omar Cheema, Business Development Services, Imperial College London 17:15 Final discussion Conference Proceedings - Day 2 Chair: Paul O’Brien, Professor of Nanotechnology, University of Manchester 09:00 Chair’s Opening Remarks IV. Applications of Materials Nanotechnologies 09:15 Current & future nano-manufacturing • Current manufacturing techniques • Top down & bottom up approaches • Advent of on client site production facilities • Benefits to industry Mike Pitkethly, Commercial Director, QinetiQ Nanomaterials 10.00 CASE STUDY: Transforming research into mature marketable products • Difference between high tech solutions and end user products • Entering into co-operative agreements with partners • End user requirements and inputs Ralf Michael Zastrau, CEO, Nanogate GmbH, Germany (tbc) 10:35 Morning Coffee 11:05 CASE STUDY: The Nano DNA-Barcode System (NDBS) • Introduction and the science behind NDBS • Future applications to business • Developing & monitoring the system worldwide Prof Choy Jin-ho, Distinguished Professor, Division of Nanoscience and Department of Chemistry, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea (tbc) 11:40 Patents for successful commercialisation nanotechnologies • Patent strategies for successful commercialisation • Overcoming drawbacks of patents in nanotechnology • Providing licensing opportunities in patents Nick Fox-Male, Partner & European Patent Attorney, Eric Potter Clarkson 12:15 Panel Discussion 12:50 Lunch Chair: Jeremy Ramsden, Professor of Nanotechnology, Cranfield University 14:05 Chair’s Opening Remarks V. Turning Today’s Research into Tomorrows Products 14:15 Applications of Magnetic Nanoparticles in High Performance Materials • CASE STUDY: from fundamental research at central facilities to the factory floor • The future – ultimate performance magnetic materials • Other possible future applications of magnetic nanoparticles Chris Binns, Professor of Nanoscience, University of Leicester 14:50 Commercialising carbon nanotubes • The current status of research/manufacture in the field • The future industry applications of this technology • The progress in developing cost-effective, large-scale production methods Maria Xenophontos-Ioannou, Managing Director, Rosseter Holdings, Cyprus 15:25 Afternoon Tea 15:50 CASE STUDY: Materials nanotechnology use in high quality displays • The technology & advantages over existing non-nano displays • Current and future end users of technology • Future applications & developments of NCD technology Padraic Marren, Marketing Manager, NTERA 16:25 CASE STUDY: Nano-materials to increase data storage • Overview of technology • Importance of patents • Sector beneficiaries Eric Mayes, CEO, Nanomagnetics 17:00 Final discussion & end of conference tbc = to be confirmed