The development of Machine to Machine (M2M) technologies in Europe (M2M)

Venue: Hotel President, Brussels

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Event Date/Time: Jan 19, 2005
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The development of Machine to Machine (M2M) technologies in Europe

What is M2M and why does it concern me?

In today’s technological climate, our lives are inextricably linked with machines, with current estimations showing that there are more than four times as many machines in existence than there are people. Given this fact, can you imagine a world where each and every one of these machines was networked via the internet, delivering a constant stream of digital intelligence and fresh data? It may not be as far away as it seems. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology is poised to deliver precisely this, and is widely believed by analysts to become the fastest growing segment in cellular technology over the next few years.
M2M technology makes it possible for one machine to communicate with other machines completely freely & almost anywhere in the world. This breakthrough will offer astute businesses the opportunity to cut costs enormously and will provide them with data to enable then to adapt precisely to the needs of their customer, taking the quality of service that they are able to offer to unprecedented levels. The possible applications of the remote management capabilities that the new technology will afford us are endless; intelligent security & safety systems, vending machines that give automatic notification when they need to be filled, automated pay-as-you-drive insurance systems & the promise of a completely automated and intelligent supply chain to name but a few.
As well as enhancing the profitability and efficiency of current business practices, M2M technology also promises to open up avenues for new business opportunities that at present are scarcely imaginable. Ten years ago it would have been hard to comprehend the impact that the emergence of the Internet would have had on our lives and the new technologies that it would bring. With the promise of literally billions of machines now also becoming connected, M2M has the potential to have perhaps an even greater influence than this.

It goes without saying that the world is on the verge of one of the greatest technological transformations in more than a decade; with the way that business is conducted set to change throughout the world. With more astute companies already starting to embrace this new technology and using it to increase their competitive advantage and market share, those that do not act now face the potential of huge difficulties ahead. This conference will offer the full picture.

Who should attend?

This event will be useful to anyone wishing to take advantage of the multitude of new opportunities that the M2M revolution will open up to them. As we have seen, the scope for new applications that will come with the spread of M2M technology is not limited by any industry boundaries - almost all businesses are going to be affected, and as such, this event does not focus on any specific sector, but is aimed towards management level representatives from all backgrounds. In addition to these end users of M2M technology, this event is also targeted towards those supplying the components for technology suppliers & system vendors, and also political and public affairs staff, legislators and academics interested in this area, or anybody looking to invest in this exciting new market.

What will I get from this?

Bringing together a mixture of top level speakers from politics, industry & academia, as well as some of the most respected analysts specialising in this field, this conference will comprehensively cover current issues surrounding the introduction of M2M both in Europe & beyond. There will be case studies examining innovative applications that have been recently introduced, as well as presentations studying short & long-term forecasts for future adoption of the technology & looking at some of the major obstacles that need to be overcome before wide scale implementation can occur. There will also be a section focusing on how businesses can get the most out of the new technology - how it can be incorporated into business models, choosing the most appropriate technology for specific uses and identifying the optimal time to introduce it.

The wide-spread introduction of intelligent machines for information sharing is inevitable and is starting to gain momentum – quite possibly faster than most of us can imagine. Can you afford to be left behind?


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