International Freiberg Conference on IGCC & XtL Technologies

Venue: Freiberg

Location: Freiberg, Germany

Event Date/Time: Jun 16, 2005 End Date/Time: Jun 18, 2005
Registration Date: Jun 10, 2005
Early Registration Date: May 15, 2005
Abstract Submission Date: Mar 15, 2005
Paper Submission Date: Mar 30, 2005
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The IEC - Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering at TU Bergakademie Freiberg and The German Centre for Gasification Technologies are pleased to announce the International Freiberg Conference on IGCC & XtL Technologies within the framework of 56th BHT - Berg- und Hüttenmännischer Tag in Freiberg/Saxony, Germany from June 16 to 18, 2005. Saxony and the neighbouring regions have a long tradition in the development of gasification of brown coal, waste and biomass. The first Winkler gasifier and the first pressurized coal gasifier were in operation here. Today this region continues to be a technology centre for the gasification of fossil fuels and renewable energy resources. Three different gasification technologies are demonstrated alone in Freiberg and three further technologies are in operation in the nearby Schwarze Pumpe. Gasification and gas treatment are the key processes for near-zero emission power plants on the basis of IGCC technology as well as for the syntheses of liquid chemicals and transportation fuels from coal, natural gas or biomass (Coal, Gas, Biomass to Liquids - XtL). These common elements provide the possibility to use synergy effects for the benefit of both technology routes and their development. The aim of the conference is to contribute to that development. The focus of the conference will be on IGCC and XtL concepts, on the state of the art and on ongoing activities for commercializing of these technologies.


Additional Information

Program Topics


IGCC Technologies



· worldwide pilot and demonstration projects
· operator experience, bottlenecks
· new gasification developments
· CO2 capture technologies
· national and international activities towards near zero emission power plants:
  COORETEC, Coal 21, FutureGen, Canadian Clean Coal Technologies, etc.


BtL, CtL, GtL (XtL) Technologies



· worldwide pilot and demonstration projects
· synthesis gas generation
· routes to transportation fuels and chemicals
· BtL concepts
· international BtL activities (e.g. German BtL platform)


German Centre for Gasification Technologies



· Pilot and demostration plants and projects


Gasifier Sightseeing / Technical Tours



· Carbo-V gasifier (CHOREN Industries in Freiberg)
· GSP gasifier (Future Energy in Freiberg)
· 100 bar HP POX gasifier (IEC TU Freiberg/ Lurgi in Freiberg)
· Labs (IEC in Freiberg)
· BGL gasifier (SVZ in Schwarze Pumpe)