Event Date/Time: Jun 20, 2005 End Date/Time: Jun 24, 2005
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The aim of the conference is to bring you up to date on bio-partitioning and purification science by providing industrial and academic scientists and engineers a unique forum for presenting their most recent findings and for debating the merits and uses of all scalable methods for concentrating and isolating biologics.

Sessions offered

Industrial Bioprocessing
Molecular Science and Fundamentals of Partitioning and Purification
Surfactant-Based Separations in Biotechnology
Partitioning of Biomolecules: Applications in Biotechnology
Plasmid, Viral, and Genomic DNA Purification
Partitioning in Cross-Linked Resins, Hydrogels and Membranes
Partitioning of Biomolecules: New Polymers and Technology
Purification of Cells, Membranes and Particles
Green Chemistry: Advances in Partitioning of Inorganics
Integrated Bioprocesses
Fluid Systems
Novel Industrial Applications
Soft Solid Structures
Bioparticle Purification
Industrial Challenges
Alternative Separation Technologies