Electronic e-Business Standards (SEB05)

Venue: Bonn, GI-Conference

Location: Bonn, Germany

Event Date/Time: Sep 19, 2005 End Date/Time: Sep 22, 2005
Registration Date: Sep 22, 2005
Early Registration Date: Jul 10, 2005
Paper Submission Date: Apr 29, 2005
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Call for Papers

Electronic e-Business Standards (SEB05)

in conjuction with INFORMATIK 2005
Bonn, Germany (19.09.05-22.09.05)



Within the last years e-Business has increasingly gained importance. With a progressive development and a strong growth, new challenges have been established when looking at the cooperation of different e-Business participants.
Especially the interoperability of systems became an important factor in this area since it is often necessary to exchange information between heterogeneous information systems. Well known standards such as ebXML can help by simplifying this process. They promise a flexible coupling of heterogeneous systems. Moreover, a high research need consists in the integration of legacy systems into new structures, since a lot of efforts and money has been invested for their creation. Furthermore, the combination of different standards and their interoperability is an interesting research domain.
It is important for enterprises to be able to quickly identify future standards and to estimate available developments and their relevance as soon as possible. This will make it easier to perform a fast reaction to future e-Business standards.


Ambition of this workshop is to get an overview of current research approaches as well as a broad discussion in certain areas of this topic. Current and future standards as well as their possibilities shall be observed. Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

* Domains and applications of e-Business Standards

* Business process and collaboration standards (ebXML, RosettaNet, BizTalk, etc.)

* Single Electronic Market standards (SEM)

* Identification standards (EAN, UPC)

* e-Procurement standards

* Registry standards of electronic markets (UDDI, ebXML RR)

* Electronic product standards (UNSPSC, BMEcat)

* Transaction standards (OpenTRANS, etc.)

* Integration of legacy systems (Enterprise Application Integration)

* Interoperability of heterogeneous e-Business Standards

* Integration and usage of standards in software systems

* Combination of different standards

* Standardization process

Target Group

This workshop addresses researchers, developers and users within the domain of e-Business standards and their standardization process. Focus of this workshop is the integration of standards into existing system topologies as well as the interoperability of different standards.

Important Deadlines

29.04.2005 Submission of papers
27.05.2005 Notification of acceptance
24.06.2005 Camera-ready versions

It is intended to publish all accepted workshop contributions in a joined conference proceedings volume within the series "Lecture Notes in Informatics" of Springer (please see www.gi-ev.de/LNI/autorenrichtlinien/index.html). The format of a paper is 5 pages in LNI-Layout. Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Please send your submissions in PDF -Format to
The email message should also include the name of your submitted file, its title, and its authors. Submissions will be accepted in English and German. At least one author of an accepted paper must register for the conference before the deadline for camera-ready-copies of the papers. Otherwise the paper will not be published.

* Prof. Dr. H.-J. Appelrath, Universität Oldenburg/OFFIS e.V.
* Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. Hahn, Universität Oldenburg
* Dipl.-Inform. S. Abels, Universität Oldenburg
* Dipl.-Inform. M. Uslar, OFFIS e.V.

Contact address for questions and suggestions:
Tel.: +49 441-798 4481
Fax: +49 441-798 4472

Program Committee

* Prof. Dr. H.-J. Appelrath,
Universität Oldenburg/OFFIS e.V.

* Prof. Dr. Flavio Bonfatti,
University of Modena, Italy

* Prof. Dr. N. Gronau,
Universität Potsdam

* Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. Hahn,
Universität Oldenburg

* Prof. Dr. W. Hasselbring,
Universität Oldenburg

* Prof. Dr. Lechner,
Universität BW München

* Prof. Dr. F. Lehner,
Universität Passau

* Prof. Dr. S. Staab,
Universität Koblenz

* Dr. A. Fink,
Universität Hamburg

* Dr. Gonçalves,
Uninova, Portugal

* Dipl.-Inform. S. Abels,
Universität Oldenburg

* Dipl.-Inform. Michael Matthiesen,
Universität Stuttgart

* Dipl.-Inform. M. Uslar,
Universität Oldenburg/OFFIS e.V.

It is required to register for the INFORMATIK 2005 conference (GI05) in order to participate in this workshop. More information can be found at www.informatik2005.de

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