Attracting Abundance With EFT: How to Attract Your Desires with the Vibrations of Love and Gratitude

Venue: Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Event Date/Time: Mar 10, 2005
Abstract Submission Date: Mar 01, 2005
Paper Submission Date: Mar 01, 2005
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This exciting one-day conference workshop will teach participants how to combine EFT, a primary energy psychology method, with “universal laws” to create prosperity and abundance in all areas of their lives. In a lively atmosphere of compassion and fun, this class will teach participants how to eliminate limiting beliefs, break through comfort zones, and erase deep programmed patterns of scarcity consciousness in order to be open to receive abundance and success. This class will deepen participants’ understanding of Energy Psychology as a developing complementary modality within the mind/body interaction framework and show participants how to combine EFT with the vibrational energy of Love and Gratitude for


Additional Information

WORKSHOP CONTENT OUTLINE: 9:00—9:30 OVERVIEW: Universal Laws & Vibrations 9:30—10:30 CLASS DEMONSTRATIONS: ---Identifying Limiting Beliefs to Success ---Clearing Blocks to Financial Abundance ---Expanding Comfort Zones and Success Levels 10:30—11:30 THE POWER OF INTENTION & FOCUS ---How to Choose Your Vibration ---Expectations 11:30—12:30 CLASS DEMONSTRATIONS: ---Activating Your Prosperity Consciousness ---The Law of Attraction ---How to “BE” Wealthy 2:00—3:00 THE VIBRATION OF LOVE AND GRATITUDE 3:00—4:00 SPECIAL TOPICS: ---Money/Health/Relationships ---Why You Don’t Have What You Want 4:00—4:30 ADDITIONAL EXERCISES to Attract Abundance ---The Written Word ---Hypnosis, Imagery & Visualization 4:30—5:00 TROUBLESHOOTING AND SUPERVISION ABSTRACT: Successfully reaching personal and professional goals with passion and joy begins with clearing energetic blocks, erasing limiting beliefs, and expanding emotional comfort zones. Combining Energy Psychology methods with metaphysical Laws of the Universe will allow people to eliminate sabotage behavior, accept universal prosperity, and enhance success in all professional and personal arenas. Enjoy this easy to follow plan for prosperity, passion and abundance in all areas of your life. OBJECTIVES: 1. On completion of this one day workshop, participants will be able to identify 2 typical limiting beliefs that block personal/professional success. 2. On completion of this workshop, participants will be able to define the Law of Attraction. 3. On completion of this course, participants will be able to identify and describe 3 specific goal-enhancing techniques other than Energy Psychology.