Venue: Qawra

Location: Qawra, Maldives

Event Date/Time: Jun 28, 2005 End Date/Time: Jun 30, 2005
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Mobile Learning is not only a new technology; it is also an exponent of new modes of learning. Education gradually shifts from the transfer to the development of expertise. The need is there to develop skills and understanding at the spot, just when it is needed. This conference will provide you with the newest state of the art on portable devices, like the mobile telephone, the PDA and the many combinations of the two, including functionalities like full WWW-access (via Bluetooth, WLAN or GPRS), photo/video cameras, GPS and a navigational system, playing and recording MP3 music and MPEG4 movies, and not to forget a large amount of games and simulations. Indeed we can say that it is just one of the many steps from the computer on the desk, to finally see it disappear in our watch, our clothes and under the skin.
One highlight of this conference will be how quickly we expect the predicted portability will emerge and what we hope to include in our scenarios for work, school and leisure time. The other is the question what scenarios we envisage to pick its potential benefits for learning purposes. No need to argue if and how it will help us to learn on the job; connectivity saves us mobility (time, costs and risks). More intriguing is the question how institutionalized learning will benefit from mobile learning devices.
Yes, already WWW-based learning systems have proven its value for flexibility, collaborative and experiential effects. We may expect our mobile to combine communication, work and leisure time better, so that its learning moments happen when we are ready for it. For those reasons we cordially invite you to come and join our conference in the luster atmosphere of Malta where already several highly dynamic mobile applications between learning, tourism and local tourist services are undertaken.