Business Success Strategy Field Trip 2005 (FieldTrip2005)

Venue: 19th Century Club

Location: Oak Park, Chicato, Illinois, United States

Event Date/Time: Jun 23, 2005 End Date/Time: Jun 24, 2005
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Field Trip 2005
June 23 and June 24, 2005 (Chicago)
with Terri Levine
World Renowned Business Building Coach
and Mary Heidkamp
President of Dynamic Insights International

You can be the smartest kid on the block, an entrepreneur with the best idea of the century – and you'll get NOWHERE if you don't know how to run a business.

If you own ANY kind of business, and you're plodding along wishing business was better or easier, this program is your "must attend" event for 2005.

We've had past Field Trip participants tell us that when they attended previous Field Trips with us, they thought they were running a business… only to discover they were merely playing at running a business. 12 months later, they now consider themselves serious business owners, with systems and strategies in place to ensure continued growth and success.

Back in 2003 when it all started, we had no idea it was going to become so popular and our most requested/asked after program. Field Trip 2005, led by Terri Levine and Mary Heidkamp promises to be the best yet!

Let us give you the nutshell version (we know you're busy!), and then we'll send you to the website which has ALL the indepth details about the program, what is involved, where, when and how much it all costs (and payment plan options.)

If you can't wait, you can go there now:

In a nutshell:

If you are serious about building a world class business, you come to Chicago in June and spend 2 days with Terri and Mary who will teach you everything you need to know and do. They will not only tell you about these techniques and systems and show you how to do them, they'll stand by you while YOU do it! You'll learn techniques and strategies that work in today's market – everything has been tested and proven.

This is a "hands on" program – we do not offer empty promises or miracles. You will build your business using Terri and Mary's expertise, guidance and mentoring.

But note: this field trip program is not for everyone. (Time-wasters need not apply.) This program is an investment you are making in your business and yourself. So, if you're not really serious about building a terrific business, you'd better stay home – because you WILL be expected to roll your sleeves up!

Terri and Mary will work with your unique skill set and your area of business interest to turbo-charge your business/career to the next level. You will learn from a faculty of successful professional leaders who connect the dynamic, day-to-day innovations of the world of business with your unique skills and business interests.

At most seminars, the "experts" don't share their true success strategies. They give you "teasers" and skirt the stuff that really works. At this field trip, we skirt nothing! And neither will you.

It doesn't end when you leave Chicago!

We will then continue the journey together for a full year, with others who are part of the field trip group. So after the 2 day field trip and you return home contemplating the work you have ahead of you, realize we are beside you every step of the way for a full 12 months.

So you get 2 days with Terri and Mary in Chicago and a full year of guidance and mentoring.

And check out the incredible Early Bird Bonus for those who sign up before February 20, 2005! You get a choice – pick your own! Excellent value to really kick-start the program!

There is so much more YOU need to know about this program and how it will help you and YOUR particular business - what to expect, what you will receive, what we will cover and what you will learn and do… so head on over to the website now and check it out:

If you have any specific questions that are not answered on the website, feel free to email Mary at


178 Forest Avenue, Oak Park IL 60301
United States

Additional Information

Attendance packages start from $1999 - payment plans available. Further enquiries can be made with Mary Heidkamp at