Nutrition, immune functions and health

Venue: Institut Pasteur - CIS

Location: Paris, France

Event Date/Time: Jun 09, 2005 End Date/Time: Jun 10, 2005
Registration Date: Jun 08, 2005
Early Registration Date: May 09, 2005
Abstract Submission Date: Apr 18, 2005
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Epidemiologic, clinical and experimental observations strongly support the concept that the conditions under which the primary encounter with antigenic molecules takes place influence the immune response for a long time, whether immunity, allergic sensitization, or tolerance is triggered.
Through advances in the understanding of the functions and regulation of the human and mouse immune system in relation to the metabolism of nutrients, important features have been delineated. Nutrition does influence the regulation of signal transduction and gene expression at different levels of the immune system, modulating immune cell functions whatever the developmental stages of the organisms under study.
During gestation and early childhood the diet is of immense importance for shaping health in later life. Nutrient deficiencies may be associated with impairment or delay of both constitutive and adaptive immune development, preferentially affecting infants and elderly people. On the other hand, nutritional interventions containing selected substrates, trace elements or vitamins have been successful in critically ill and infected patients.
The purpose of this EUROCONFERENCE on Nutrition, Immune Functions and Health is to present selected and noteworthy recent findings in the area of nutrition - dependant regulation of the immune system at the tissue level whenever relevant. Speakers will focus the attention on the potential mechanisms by which nutrients could modify the complex and dynamic status named “immunity” at different developmental stages of the life of an individual as well as the beneficial effects of immuno-enhancing diets as seen in clinical trials.


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