Event Date/Time: Mar 26, 2005
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Description: HealthPraxisAsia - International Symposia and Fair - is the unique educational environment dedicated to advancing the knowledge of clinicians and all healthcare practitioners. In this environment the latest research in the medical, dental and life sciences - as it impacts on the quality of healthcare, in the protection, maintenance and improvement of the health of the individual - is shared in the form of workshops, seminars and lectures. Topics include:-
Relevance of hypertension in an aging population
Hypertension and its possible contributory factors
Individualized therapy

Medical Problems in Oral Healthcare
A focus on Oral Healthcare of older adults
Periodontal disease and heart disorders
Association between Acute Cerebrovascular Ischemia and Chronic and Recurrent Infection

Hodgkin’s and non Hodgkin’s disease
Malignant infiltration of the marrow
Blood Stem Cell transplantation
Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Colorectal cancer

Military Medicine
Hyperbaric Surgery: Perioperative Care
Decompression sickness Recompression Therapy

Emergency Medicine
Blood Management in Emergencies: Tsunami Disaster

Immunologically Based Disease

Practical Pharmacology
Personalized Medicine

Integrated Medicine

……and many more

Trade Fair

The latest technological innovations in:-

Medical and Dental equipment,

Pharmaceutical, diagnostic and rehabilitative care equipment and

Information systems in healthcare management

Military medical & dental equipment
……and many more