Working Our Way Home: We Are the People Weve Been Waiting For

Venue: Oberlin College

Location: Oberlin, Ohio, United States

Event Date/Time: Apr 21, 2005 End Date/Time: Apr 24, 2005
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Working Our Way Home is a 4-day conference focused on the lives, needs and struggles of people--primarily students in northeastern Ohio-- in the African Diaspora who would welcome a conversation of their sexualities and genders that are more complex than mainstream categories. While recognizing language limitations and the difficulties of defining identity, we will explore (1) how our racial and ethnic identities relate to our sexuality and gender, (2) how we self-identify and exist between and outside conventional/traditional labels, and (3) how we form homes - supportive communities and families.

Who are the people we've been waiting for?

People of African descent throughout the Diaspora of any/multiple national, racial, ethnic, regional, cultural, spiritual or class backgrounds or identifications.
People who work consciously to build healthy and varied relationships, including but not limited to platonic, romantic, sensual, sexual, intimate and or spiritual ones, whether in the form of romantic and sexual couples, fuck buddies, physically and or emotionally intimate friends, open relationships and non-monogamous couples and groups. These relationships may be with people of any sex, gender, or sexuality.
People, regardless of how we identify, who work to heal from and transform oppressive and violent relationships and situations into empowering, honest, conscientious, healthy ones, from our (inter)personal relationships to our whole society.
We borrow these words from poet and activist June Jordan, "We are the people we've been waiting for," to gather and celebrate our common goals and express our myriad selves.

While participants and speakers will affect the focus of the conference, some of the conference organizers' goals include:

-Expanding our notions of queer identities and queer activism in Africana communities;

-Fostering community within our region, pooling resources and offering support particularly to those who feel isolated;

-Creating space to explore different aspects of sexuality and gender identity.

Allies and members of the public are welcome to participate; at the same time, the purpose and mission of the conference will not be compromised to accommodate people whose power is threatened by a conference not specifically centered around them. To promote a supportive environment, disrespect and backlash have no place at Working Our Way Home.


135 W Lorain St
United States

Additional Information

See website for conference presenters, schedule, and registration information.