18th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems (PDCS-2005)

Venue: Imperial Palace Hotel

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Event Date/Time: Sep 12, 2005 End Date/Time: Sep 14, 2005
Registration Date: Jun 24, 2005
Paper Submission Date: Apr 28, 2005
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Paper Submission Extended Deadline: April 28, 2005



September 12-14, 2005

Imperial Palace Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Sponsored by the International Society for Computers
and Their Applications (ISCA)

PDCS-2005 is a major forum to address, explore and exchange information on
the state-of-the-art in all areas of Parallel and Distributed Computing
Systems, their modeling and simulation, design, use and performance, and
their impact. The program committee is soliciting papers describing
original unpublished research in all areas of parallel processing and
distributed computing systems, including theoretical, experimental, and
commercial works. Topics include, but not limited to, the following
research areas:

1. Parallel Architectures and Systems

- Multithreaded Architectures
- Interconnection Networks
- Application-Specific Parallel Architectures
- Architectural Support for Fine-Grain Parallelism
- Architectures for Distributed and Enterprise Systems
- Reconfigurable Computing
- Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing
- Network Processors and Sensor Networks
- Peer-to-Peer Networks
- Cluster and Grid Computing

2. Parallel and Distributed Algorithms

- Partitioning, Mapping, and Scheduling
- Routing, Communication, and Synchronization Techniques
- Load Balancing and Load Sharing
- Fault Tolerance and Replication Designs
- Security, Naming, and Authentication
- Resource Allocation and Management
- Distributed Query Processing and Information Retrieval
- Reliable Distributed Computing
- Network Management Algorithms & Computer Networks Protocols
- Real-Time & Embedded Distributed Algorithms & Systems

3. Parallel and Distributed Systems Software

- Languages, Compilers, and Operating Systems
- Libraries and Programming Environments
- Message Passing and Distributed Shared Memory Paradigms
- Software Development, Services, Support, Tools
- Middleware for Parallel and Distributed Computing
- Benchmarking and Measurements
- Embedded Systems
- Component- and Agent-Based Systems
- Data Warehousing and Mining
- Cooperative Information Systems

4. Parallel and Distributed Applications

- Bioinformatics and Biocomputing
- Scientific Computing
- Distributed Multimedia Systems and Internet Applications
- Grid and Internet Appliances
- Personal Communication Networks and Systems
- Broadband ISDN and ATM Systems
- P & D Systems Integration
- P & D Industrial and Manufacturing Application
- Heterogeneity and Interoperability
- Neural and Fuzzy Computing and Applications
- Collaboration Enterprises and Environments


Papers must be submitted - in .pdf (preferred) or word.doc format via web
at the following conference website: http://www.cs.montana.edu/pdcs05/ .
The detailed submission procedures will be available on this web site.

Final manuscript will be 6 pages (+2 pages with additional page fees) in ISCA
format. See Sample Manuscript Format at:




Paper Submission Deadline: April 28, 2005
Notification of Acceptance: June 3, 2005
Registration and Camera-ready Manuscripts Due: June 24, 2005


CONFERENCE CHAIR: Reda Ammar, University of Connecticut, USA


Michael Oudshoorn Sanguthevar Rajasekaran
Montana State University, USA University of Connecticut
Voice: (406) 994-4780 Voice: (860) 486-2428
E-mail: michael@cs.montana.edu E-mail: rajasek@engr.uconn.edu

Special Sessions: Proposals for organizing special sessions on contemporary
topics in areas related to parallel and distributed should be sent to the
any one the program chairs.


Authors wishing to have their papers reviewed for possible publication in
the ISCA International Journal of Computers and Their Applications
should send expanded versions of their papers directly to the Editor,
Prof. Reda Ammar (see Instructions to Authors at:
http://www.isca-hq.org/j-authr.htm ).


Ehab Al-Shaer, DePaul University, USA
Srinivas Aluru, Iowa State U., USA
Hany H. Ammar, West Virginia U., USA
David A. Bader, U. of New Mexico, USA
Ioana Banicescu, Mississippi State U., USA
Rupak Biswas, NASA Ames Res. Ctr, USA
Anu G. Bourgeois, Georgia State U., USA
Andrew Rau Chaplin, Dalhousie U., Canada
Danny Z. Chen, U. of Notre Dame, USA
Bogdan Chlebus, U. of Colorado Denver, USA
Tom Cormen, Dartmouth College, USA
J. Dongarra, U. of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
Hossam Elgindy, U. of N. S. Wales, Australia
Adel Elmaghraby, U. of Louisville, USA
Rajesh Gupta, U. of Calif. at San Diego, USA
Susanne E. Hambrusch, Purdue U., USA
Yijie Han, U. of Missouti at Kansas City, USA
Bruce Hendrickson, Sandia Natl. Labs., USA
Chun-His Huang, U. of Connecticut, USA
Sitharama S. Iyengar, Louisiana State U., USA
Weiijia Jia, City U. of Hong Kong, HK
Ashfaq Khokhar, U. of Illinois-Chicago, USA
Danny Krizanc, Wesleyan U., USA
Vipin Kumar, U. of Minnesota, USA
S. Lakshmivarahan, U. of Oklahoma, USA
Yong-Fong Lee, Intel Corporation, USA
Keqin Li, SUNY at New Paltz, USA
Wei-Ming Lin, U. of Texas at San Antonio, USA
Russ Miller, SUNY Buffalo, USA
Koji Nakano, Hiroshima U., Japan
Stephen Olariu, Old Dominion U., USA
Michael A. Palis, Rutgers U., USA
Yi Pan, Georgia State U., USA
Viktor Prasanna, U. of Southern California, USA
Sartaj K. Sahni, U. of Florida, USA
Edwin H.-M. Sha, U. of Texas at Dallas, USA
M.Shaaban, Rochester Institute of Tech., USA
Alex Shvartsman, U. of Connecticut, USA
Sharon J. Simmons, U. of West Florida, USA
Ramesh Sitaraman, U. of Massachusetts, USA
Waleed Smari, U. of Dayton, USA
Arun Somani, Iowa State U., USA
Paul Spirakis, CTI, Greece
David Taniar, Monash U., Australia
Ramesh Vaidyanathan, Louisiana State U., USA
Peter J. Varman, Rice U., USA
Bharadwaj Veeravalli, National U. of Singapore, Singapore
David S. L. Wei, Fordham U., USA
Jie Wu, Florida Atlantic U., USA
Seong-Moo Yoo, U. of Alabama Hunts., USA
S. Q. Zheng, U. of Texas at Dallas, USA
Albert Zomaya, U. of Sydney, Australia


Mary Ann Sullivan
Executive Director
International Society for Computers
and Their Applications (ISCA)
975 Walnut Street, Suite 132
Cary, NC 27511
Ph: (919) 467-5559
Fax: (919) 467-3430
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