Event Date/Time: Jun 15, 2005
Paper Submission Date: Mar 15, 2005
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The Broadband Wireless access will be driving the Telecommunication world. The emergence of broadband wireless access, is offering outstanding opportunities to make high bit rate connectivity accessible easily anywhere and anytime to most mobile or even fixed end user.

Existing network such as xDSL/FTTx/etc if enhanced, can bring a new complementary wireless access network. However a few challenges still remain to make this a reality : Define architectures with the wireless extension(IEEE 802.xy, etc ...) while taking into account the constraints : fair sharing of ressources on uplink and down link, security for authentification, quick re-authentification for mobility features, security, etc

This Workshop will deal about complementary wireless broadband access network based on wired network (xDSL, FTTx, etc), 3G/4G and also about different techniques that can solved the tremendous challenges making the sharing of each phone line accessible through wireless access with a minimum guarantee of service for any connected user. In this workshop, the challenges to develop a new low cost mobile or semi-mobile access network with low powering unit will be explored and that may complement UMTS.

The workshop is intended to present new architectures of fixed network supporting mobility and/or nomadic features for wireless access (802.11, WiMax,…802.20….), the sharing of the network access, bandwidth sharing on radio access. (Single Hop, mesh,…) and discuss about the perspectives of shared access network enhanced with wireless extension based on technologies such as WiFi,.. 802.16,.. 802.20, etc to maximize the performance of the overall link and reduce the costs. Within the framework of BWAN 2005, a new research field to prepare the next generation of network access.

Topics of interest to this workshop include (but are not limited to) performance studies and solutions (algorithms, protocols, architectures) that tend to improve experience of users of services and applications based on Internet.