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The purpose is to help promote the importance of networking, the power of shared involvement and the ideals of building a diverse community.

you’re an entrepreneur, a soleproprietor or CEO of a large corporation, this
is one event you don’t want to miss!

Quality Leads and Effective Networking,London Networking EXPO is the place
to be this Summer!

NETWORKING – Are you inspired yet?
An evening of inspirational speeches and networking over dinner 2

Menu (the fabled Larry’s food)


Jo Salter "One of the 50 most inspiring women in the world." Harpers and Queen

Jo Salter was Britain's first female fast jet pilot. Her tales from such an elite world offer alternative insights into personal development, meeting challenges and succeeding in the face of adversity
Imagine being in control of 25 million pounds of screaming metal flying just above the ground - decisions have to be immediate, reflexes lightning fast. For Jo Salter, this was just the day job when she became Britain’s first female fighter pilot flying the Tornado GR1, then one of 5 women fighter pilots in the world.

Her military experience is multifaceted: technical; professional; managerial; political. Add 5 years of e-commerce experience and management consultancy in both the public and private sector, an MBA, Associate Lectureship with the Open University Business School - and no wonder Jo is so successful in combining management and leadership theory with her unique practical experiences to present a humorous and moving range of speeches.

Jo has extensive experience of working with the media, from featuring on the front page of The Times to international radio and television coverage. Her television appearances include Record Breakers as well as various documentaries - most recently the BBC’s Inside Out programme and she can currently be heard as a regular guest on London's leading talk radio station, LBC 97.3.

As a combat ready pilot with 617 Squadron, the Dambusters, Jo experienced operational tours of duty and took part in large international NATO exercises around the world. She worked in intelligence. She became a fast jet instructor. Her tales from such an elite world offer alternative insights into personal development, meeting challenges and succeeding in the face of adversity.

Jo uses her boundless energy, never-failing humour, compassion and understanding, as well as her advanced skills, to facilitate workshops, carry out life changing seminars, conduct high performance coaching sessions and enable individuals and organisations to solve problems.

Achievement is a way of life for Jo – and, yes, achievement while living in the real world as a daughter, sister, partner, parent, friend… Jo is a determined and visionary realist. Be prepared to be challenged.

“A young woman shaping our lives" – Movers & Shakers Awards, Company Magazine

"Jo Salter is one of the most dynamic woman speakers I've heard - an inspiration for both women and men leaders." Lynne Franks


A Bird's Eye View - Inspirational and entertaining story

Lesley Morrissey

Young in the head, but with the advantage of chronological wisdom, Lesley speaks from the heart.

She is a PSA Board member and very active - editor of the PSA Speakeasy magazine – A very competent speaker and well respected throughout the Professional Speakers Association.

Lesley has life experience in bucket loads - as a coach, journalist, trainer, author and consultant. Many years of her life having been spent in the Middle East working with multi-cultural groups. She specialises in working with people who suffer career-block "I'm a business dyno-rod," she says. "When someone's career seems to have stalled, I'll help them to unblock the path the success."

Her presentations are entertaining and challenging - and never boring!

Management with Motorbikes

Having tested herself to the limit she now shares her story with the audience - it took her 35 years to achieve her goal, but she did it!

People remember stories - and this story is certainly memorable! The roar of a motorbike engine has always aroused emotions - whether you hate them or love them! Get your team roused to action.

This presentation is all about the Power of Planning - something everyone talks about, but few actually carry out. Discover how to deal with the challenges of setting goals, overcome obstacles, exercise personal attitude management, ask for help, communicate specifically and achieve success in the entertaining account of how a middle-aged woman became a biker babe!

Be ready for fun and challenges - nobody gets away from this Hell's Angel.

Rikki Arundel

Helping Women and Men to Understand Each Other

Rikki Arundel is a truly unique International Keynote Speaker; she is openly and proudly transgender. An expert in sales and marketing communications with an impressive track record as a successful businessman, Rikki stunned the speaking industry in 2002 by changing gender. Little did anyone realise the incredibly positive impact this would have on herself, her fellow professional speakers around the world and her clients.

"Here was a woman who used to be a man speaking to me about courage and change. Her message was powerful and her delivery was polished, professional and pertinent. Rikki is an experienced speaker. She is both funny and dramatic without being melodramatic. Her message about change is wonderful and her performance that day touched me and inspired me."
Doug Stevenson - Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Coach

"When I 'met' Rikki I was blown away. It wasn't so much the dramatic change from Richard to Rikki... I was amazed at how she simply sparkled as a human being."
Nancy Vogl, Universal Speakers Bureau.

As well as being a speaker, workshop leader and conference chair, Rikki has a huge breadth of experience as a meeting planner and conference organiser. Her experience in using leading edge technology in presentations, including multimedia and on-line systems both here and internationally, make her a tremendous asset to any meeting planner.

Founder and President of the Professional Speakers Association and a leading light within Toastmasters International in the UK and Ireland, Rikki is also a successful Presentations Skills coach. . She is a successful author of over 600 feature articles and two books, Sell Your Way to Success first published in 1993, and The ABC of the WWW published in 1998.

Get attention

Be Remembered is all about overcome the downside of technology - Information Overload - how get heard when everyone else is shouting, how to be remembered after the meeting so they will come back. It's no good networking if when they look at your card they think - "Who the hell was that"

From being a small boy watching David Nixon on TV, to entertaining Hollywood stars at The Magic Castle in California, Michael Vincent has come a very long way. His dream was simple: to become the very best at his chosen craft, and bring world-class magic within the reach of everyone. Now the high standards that he set for himself, has audiences catching their breath. They see it, but they don't believe it. Fasten your seat belts, and set your faces to stun, Michael Vincent has arrived.
Never ridiculing or humiliating, Michael treats his audience with the utmost courtesy and respect. Once using magic as a means to overcome his own shyness, Michael now utilises his art to assist others to overcome theirs, by drawing his audience into a world of wonder and enchantment. His skills break the ice at functions, making people relax and interact - a good time is had by all.

Recognised for his performing excellence and relentless, painstaking, attention to detail, he is justifiably proud, and grateful, for the many honours that have been bestowed upon him by his peers:

Life Member of the Magic Circle with Gold Star
* Magic Circle Magician of the Year
* International Magician of the Year
* Best British Performer - The International Grand Prix

The reward for the thousands of hours of practice and training which has brought Michael to his present level, is observing the thrill in peoples eyes, as he invokes the emotions of total astonishment. For when 'the moment' comes, we all forget our troubles and are transported back into our childhood, as a miracle unfolds right before our eyes.

"I'm lucky to have the greatest job in the world" says Michael. "In return for the warmth that people generate towards me, as I watch them bond with 'the moment' and each other,
I get to give each and every one of them a happy memory to treasure for the rest of their lives. They 'touch' me with their applause, and I 'touch' them with my art".
His communication and diplomacy skills, forged through the experience gained in performing his craft, have made Michael Vincent a much requested after-dinner speaker, motivator and trainer.

Lindsay Bogaard

Lindsay graduated in 1991 with BA (Hons) Creative Arts, then worked as a radio newsreader before setting up her own business to match passengers with drivers on long distance journeys. The company, Freewheelers Ltd. targeted student and back-packer markets, generating ongoing publicity, blue-chip sponsors and 17,000 members. She was awarded a finalist place in the 1998 Cosmopolitan Women of Achievement Awards for this work despite having not made any money!

The company did not reach critical mass, so reluctantly she closed the business and took up the offer of launching a similar scheme in Sydney before returning to the UK. She worked in business development for a video production company and directed a show-reel, which won a Gold Award at the 1999 International Film and Video Festival before joining an eight-man Multimedia and Video Production Company, Viscom based in Aberdeen. She was promoted to General Manager status and within eighteen months, led the company to diversify and increase profits.

Then, switching from micro to macro business environments, Lindsay joined a communications consultancy, on immediate assignment to Shell Exploration and Production. Located full-time onsite with the knowledge-sharing team and the Petroleum Development Oman integration team, she learned the ropes for 18 months before joining Shell as staff in the role of Communications Manager for the Group-wide global learning organisation.

Having been an Apprentice, Lindsay is now an independent practitioner, writing and studying organisational communications.

"being an apprentice and getting fired - the experience:"

Gary Outrageous

He’s funny, he’s serious … he knows his stuff!
He’s a professional hypnotic speaker who'll get you and the rest of the
audience thinking about what really is possible.
He’ll cajole you, tease you, entertain you, stretch you and finally ~
Leave you with one, clear message

“How to use wanton desire to skyrocket your sales and profit!”
Every day customers are buying products and services … yours or your competitors!

And they’re doing it because of one secret ingredient --- ‘Wanton Desire’

Gary Outrageous, International Professional Speaker and Business Hypnotist, will reveal how you can use the secret power of ‘Wanton Desire’, to boost your sales and profits way above your competitors ~ In fact, it’s the secret that helped him smash 2 World Records!

You’ll learn exactly how to ‘get hold of that secret’ and use it

Lily Yeboah

Lily Yeboah’s career in marketing and communication spans over 17 years, the last 10 of which have taken her as far as Accra, Prague and Atlanta. She goes that extra mile on behalf of her clients.
She uses her experience as a marketing consultant and an entrepreneur to create viable and visible results for other consultants, entrepreneurs and senior managers -- results that project her clients, their brands and their businesses to even greater success.


Forget-me-not; How to ensure your clients never forget you
Getting attention can be easy -- keeping people interested and engaged is often the real challenge.
Do you want to be remembered for the right reasons?
Do you want to make yourself so unforgettable in your clients¡¦ minds, that they can only think of you when they have to make a buying decision?
Do you want to keep your clients wanting more..

This session reveals concepts on how to get maximum impact first time - every time. Experience personal brand management and see for yourself the value of having a clear brand that works for you even when you are miles away.
• Understand how to package your unique promise of value
Get tips on how to implement your plans without breaking the bank
Learn how to surround yourself with brand evangelists that refer you and your business


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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a soleproprietor or CEO of a large corporation, this is one event you don’t want to miss! For Quality Leads and Effective Networking,London Networking EXPO is the place to be this Summer! Your investment for this event is only £99.00 EARLYBIRD OFFER. PAY BY 31ST MAY AND YOU PAY ONLY HALF THE PRICE AT £49.50 This includes dinner and coffee/tea.

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