Security for Real World Environments: The Asset Centric Model

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Event Date/Time: May 22, 2005 End Date/Time: May 22, 2006
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Threat drives security. Attackers are cooperative, collaborative, adaptive and evolutionary. As a result, organizations are being forced to focus on new alternatives and more effective solutions for ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information assets.

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Changes in Attitude, Changes in Latitude

Join Brent Huston, CEO, MicroSolved, Inc., as he discusses the changes in attitudes and technology that encompass the emerging school of thought known as asset-centric security. Learn why blended threats (NIMDA, Code Red, Slammer, etc.) are shifting the focus away from traditional perimeter-centric security measures.

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Asset-centric security is a helpful new way to manage your security posture by reducing your risks and exposures. Discover how asset-centric security can help you:
- Identify key information assets and deploy appropriate controls around them.
- Protect data - from creation to destruction.
- Use consolidation and consistency to create leverage for improving ROI and lowering costs of ownership.
- Mitigate risk, minimize resource requirements and bring greater stability to your environment.

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Tune in today to find out how your organization can undertake a switch to asset-centric security. Find out how to spend less time chasing ghosts and more time working on well-defined and verified action items.

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" Security for Real World Environments: The Asset Centric Model" is produced by Accela Communications and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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