Meeting Sarbanes-Oxley Requirements With Maximum Security

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Event Date/Time: May 23, 2005 End Date/Time: May 23, 2006
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In the past, security technologies among American organizations and corporations were somewhat haphazard, typically falling into the problematic Catch-22. If you had an effective enterprise security framework, it was difficult to demonstrate its effectiveness, which frequently led to budget cuts. This led to some pretty horrible statistics.

2004 – A Good Year For The Red Sox; Not For SOX

In 2004, just one year after the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act was passed, American corporations reported more than 15,000 total security vulnerabilities. Don't become a statistic. Tune in to our Webcast as Ken Tom, Security Product Marketing Manager for Check Point, addresses the security issues involved in SOX requirements.

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The New ROI - From Return on Investment to Risk of Incarceration

There are significant penalties for non-compliance, including some very definitive incarceration statutes. Join us to gain a better understanding of the myriad layers of rules and regulations. Find out how to navigate those layers and recognize how SOX translates into new frameworks for effective deployment of technologies.

- Discover a management framework that helps bridge the gap between business risks, control needs and technical issues.
- Take advantage of a published framework that includes an executive summary, a framework or overall publication, control objectives, control practices, management guidelines, and audit guidelines.
- Find out about a business-oriented framework that identifies 34 different information technology processes, grouped into four domains, and supported by 318 detailed control objectives.

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Compliance Is a Moving Target

Just because you're in compliance today doesn't mean that you'll still be in compliance tomorrow. Find out how Check Point's robust security technologies effectively meet regulatory requirements and promote proactive corporate governance.

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Avoid the regulatory bombardment and marketing hype. To continue your day-to-day business with confidence in your security investment, tune in to "Meeting Sarbanes-Oxley Requirements With Maximum Security." This insightful Webcast is produced by Accela Communications, and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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