Event Date/Time: Oct 01, 2005 End Date/Time: Oct 02, 2005
Registration Date: Aug 15, 2005
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Islam & Greetings with complete blessing from Father God Allah.

It gives me sheer joy and great pleasure to be able to present to you an outline of what will be the first of its kind to take place in Atlanta Georgia. The “Islamic Forum 2005”, were as varies Islamic groups and religious organizations can come under “UNITY” regardless of cultural differences, “For customs dose NOT alter the nature of TRUTH” for if we truly believe that Allah is Allah and there is no other God but Allah, then the question becomes were can we work together.

For has you can bear witness to there being a great misconception about our religious faith of “Islam” here in the Americas. Islam has been deemed as “evil” and those who practices the faith of Islam has being militant and anti-divine. For this is the very reason why this forum is so important, it is to bring light and understanding of our beautiful faith of Islam and our oneness with All Mighty Allah as well as coming in unity were we can bring greater good and form unification under the all seeing eye of Allah.

This forum is not to debate cultural differences nor further cause a greater misunderstanding of the faith of Islam, for if such a debate were to take place let it be within the best of our faith and creed by those who are recognized as being Islamic scholars who would be fitted best to speak on such issues. For our main objective is to speak on the many issues we face here in America living as Muslims and Moslems.

There are hundreds and thousands of learning intuitions, hospitals and businesses that fall under the cloak of Christianity and yet with the growing numbers of Afro-Americans tuning to Islam we should set the wheels in motion to pull our resources and economical threads to create a non-penetrable rope were as it can be cast out into the cares of the world to pull up out of its murky ethers race pride, morality, family structure, and the love for humanity within our communities and our fellow Bothers and Sisters. Let our Crescent and Star be the light that shines the path of those who are lost and without, placing them back into the oneness with All Mighty Allah.

By this we can set in motion an “Islamic television network” similar to that of TBN,
(A Christian television network). As well as Islamic radio, publications, locale and national news networks to give light on our growing Islamic communities here in America. Learning institutions, medical care, childcare, etc. We can shed light on our lack of economical powers within our own communities while at the same time giving life to a pliable solution. We will bring into focus the displaced view and corruption of family and morality, while putting within its place a pillar of decency and family structure for which our communities can lean upon for support. We shall speak on the things that are a venomous virus that has been placed deep within our communities to kill off our Brothers, Sons and Fathers while causing our Sisters, Daughters and Mothers to jump ship and find refuges on some foreign vessel were as all evil is placed in there hearts and minds.
Its time for us to regain that of which was stripped from us and to honor our Forefathers and Foremothers and placed back before us our Divine Creed and Principles. I cannot see any outside oppositions for and event of this nature to take place, for if it shall come it will be only from those who are within the Islamic faith who would rather turn their backs on their fellow Brothers and Sisters and keep the ignorance of the unbelievers continually active.

While moving within the sprit of Allah, if you are interested in participating in this most necessary of forums we truly encourage you to contact us at the information below. Though this conference is FREE to participate we are asking for sponsorship and donations, for all that is collect will be put towards the accumulate cost of this event and any products and or monies that is left over will go towards the next Islamic forum and or to the support and growth of the continuance of our works in uplifting fallen humanity.

If you are an Islamic Leader or Teacher, Community Activists, Political Leader, Educator, Business Owner, Healthcare Provider, we ask that you contact us to take part in this most needed and very necessary “Islamic Forum” let your voice and words vibrate the power of positive change which will be the force to hammer down the un-moveable
ties of “UNITY” within the beautiful faith of ISLAM!. Were in the process of putting together the most powerful 12 panelists to take their place on stage to demonstrate in the highest of; Spirituality, Intellectually and Morally the issues that face our Islamic communities with solidified solutions in bring about change and unification.

The date and time of this event is set for October 1st 2005 at the Art Exchange Building 750 Kalb street, Atlanta Georgia at 2pm (Provided that the responses of participation along with donations are great and accounted for on or before August 1st the location and time will change to accommodate the growing number of participation, (we will try to hold to the same date). Promotions of this event will start August 15th 2005, which by then the date, time and location will be set in stone. This letter is being sent out to stir up the hearts and minds in getting a favorable response, welcomed sponsorships and early donations.

Musical entertainment would be an added pleasure for the beginning, during intermission and towards the end of the event.
DJ, Live music and spoken word, if you are someone processing these wonderful blessed talents and find the “Islamic Forum” to be a worthy cause to donate your gifts we would like for you to contact us.

We look forward in coming under the Crescent & Star with All Mighty Allah approval embrace under the Shari'ah of Islam: Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice

May Allah bless you and yours.Z

Your Sister in the faith of Islam
Sheikess Yssis Saadi El / CEO of Mother Is Calling©

For registration and inquiries please contact us:

Mother Is Calling
P.O. Box 161986
Atlanta GA 30321
(404) 664-2204, fax (404) 752-1339
Email: yssisel@motheriscalling.com
Visit: www.motheriscalling.com

Donations can be submitted via Check or Money Order (please do not send cash through the mail) to Mother Is Calling at address above. A Papal donation button will be setup on www.motheriscalling.com. If you wish to drop off cash donations you can drop them off at The Moorish Science Temple of America, Temple #5 under the leadership of Gov.Mahdi Shabazz El. At the Art Exchange Building 750 Kalb Ave on Sundays from 2:30 to 5PM.

All donation or tax deductible, a pond request of your cash or time services you will receive a receipt of your donations.

Vendors are welcome, we ask that you contact us at the information above.

This event will be sponsored in part by:
Mother Is Calling©Productions Promotions & Event Planning in association with the 1928 portion of The Moorish Science Temple of America, Blackwood Entertainment Productions©,


United States

Additional Information

ISLAMIC FORUM 2005 ATLANTA GA PANELIST PARTICIPATION FORM We raise in giving complete and perfect praise to our Father God Allah for giving us the courage to step forward under the Crescent and Star in coming together in unity and in giving understanding of Islam in America. If you are in receipt of this letter you either had agreed to be one of our twelve distinguish panelists or you have been found to be one who holds creditable as well as a knowledgeable degree of Islam here in America. Below we are giving a brief overview of what is to take place this coming October 1st 2005. As you have read from our introduction letter to this forum which is also in accompany of this letter, I’m sure that you are in full agreement of the necessity of this Islamic Forum that is set to stir up the ethers. *There will 12 panelists that will take their place on stage; the auditorium holds 200+ seats. There will be a moderated who will presents varies topics and questions (each panelists will receive a copy of the topics prior to the forum), each panelist will be given a time to address the topic that is presented to them. There will be a time keeper seated in the back of the auditorium to signal you with a YELLOW flag indicting that you need to make your final commit and RED flag means you out of time. We ask that the panelist arrive an hour and a half early so that we can perform microphone checks and give a small rehearsal so that everyone knows their seating arrangements, etc. *Panelists are encouraged to bring their authored books and other material that would be of a further interest in Islamic studies. Vending is offered free for all our distinguish panelist. *We are asking for a brief bio of your Islamic studies and your thoughts about the Islamic forum along with color photo of each panelist, we will be putting together an Islamic Forum program, which will be sold at the event. We would like if you can send in the items we requested on later than August 19th 2005 *Each panelist will receive a production release form which must be signed for this event will be video taped to air on PeopleTV channel 25 an Atlanta community television station. Each panelist will receive a free copy of the taping. *Panelists will be responsible for their own travel arrangements. We will gladly provide transportation to and from the event if needed. The address of the event is 750 Kalb Street at the Art Exchange Building”, it’s off I-20E exit 59A. Food and refreshment will be made available to our guest. *The Islamic Forum will start at 2pm and will end at 8pm. The time is slotted as followers. 12:30pm-1:50pm - Panelist will get a chances to greet other panelist and run through a quick rehearsal with microphone check. 2:00pm- 2:30pm – Words of welcome (Our intro to the Islamic Forum 2005 with a guest speaker and or Musical selection) after which our panelist will take their seats on stage. You will have hand held microphones. 2:30pm – 4:30pm (2 hours total), Our wonderful panelist speaking on the set topics. 4:30pm – 5:30pm – {1-HOUR INTERMISSION} 5:30pm – 6:20pm (Questions to our panelist from our Audience) this will also be moderated the audience will have an index card placed in their seats to write down their question; during intermission the cards will be collected. There will be someone to read off the questions. 6:20pm – 6:35pm – The End of the Islamic Forum with words of thanks 6:35pm – 7:45pm – Music, Vending, Food and making new Friends. · Please note that the times may adjust some according to the setup. Were asking that all the panelist help in spreading the word for we are looking to have a large turn out. If you know of others that are scholarly in Islam and would like to participate; by all means pass on the information. Please fill out the panelist form below and summit back to the address below as soon as possible. For this we thank you. May Allah bless you in blessing us with your presents at the Islamic Forum 2005! Please mail the requested materials to. MOTHER IS CALLING P.O.BOX 161968 ATLANTA GA 30321 0R EMAIL THEM TO – yssisel@motheriscalling.com / yssisel@yahoo.com ISLAMIC FORUM 2005 ATLANTA GEORGIA PANELIST APPEARANCE FORM Name_______________________________________ Traveling from________________________________ Contact number______________________________ Email address_______________________________ Islamic organization affiliation or form of Islamic degree of studies: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Will you need vending space? N / Y Will you need hotel information? N / Y Will you need ground transportation to and from the event? N / Y (If yes will need the address to were you will be staying upon your arrival in October) Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to your participation. For this we give much thank Many blessings from All Mighty Allah Peace!