Obesity in Europe Conference

Venue: Hotel HUSSA President Park

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Event Date/Time: Oct 04, 2005 End Date/Time: Oct 05, 2005
Early Registration Date: Aug 23, 2005
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Obesity has become extremely prevalent in Europe in recent years, with levels increasing at an alarming rate, and around 20% of adults in England alone now considered obese, and an even greater number overweight to a lesser degree (still carrying many of the same health risks). In the past, obesity was considered to be something of an isolated problem in North America and the UK, but there is increasing evidence that this is no longer the case; in fact many Southern European countries, known for their healthy diets and long life expectancy rates, now have some of the highest obesity rates in the world.

More worrying than this, perhaps, is that this trend is likely to continue and worsen in the future, unless the pattern is changed. Young people are growing up in an environment simply not conducive to keeping them ‘naturally’ active and slim. Meanwhile, health problems are so inextricably linked to overweight and obesity that new words like, ‘diabesity’ are being coined to describe them. There is a considerable amount of research being done, and lifestyle advice is being given more widely than ever before. Governments are taking notice, with varying degrees of intervention. There is now tremendous pressure on food and advertising industries to avoid targeting children as consumers; but this may be an over-simplification, or only part of the issue.

Who should attend?

EU Conferences have put together an agenda of the most relevant speakers; covering major topics such as children’s nutrition and the latest initiatives in companies and countries. The conference will be invaluable to any company involved in food, drink, advertising, and fitness; equally, health professionals, academics and those interested in children’s health into adulthood should consider this as a chance to hear the latest developments from the highest level professions from industry, legislative bodies and the medical world.

What will I get from this?

This conference aims to discuss the implications of self-regulation for the food industry, and the complex issues of advertising to children, and widen the scope of previous conferences to present obesity as a European problem with complex social, financial and scientific causes and possible solutions. The attendee of the event will gain a sound overview of the issues surrounding obesity and health, and specific examples of what is being done and how it is likely to affect companies, and in-depth discussions of the most important topics. The presentations will be given by high-level speakers, from all sides of the debates.