7th International Congress on the Jurassic System (ISJS 7)

Venue: University of Science and Technology

Location: Cracow (Kraków), Malopolskie, Poland

Event Date/Time: Sep 11, 2006 End Date/Time: Sep 14, 2006
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The Congress is organized under the auspices of the International Subcommission on Jurassic Stratigraphy.
The scientific program will cover all the aspects of the Jurassic System. So far following sessions are planned:
(1) geodynamics and evolution of different areas,
(2) facies analysis and reconstruction of palaeoenvironments, taphonomy,
(3) palaeocology, palaeogeography,
(4) integrated stratigraphy,
(5) Jurassic geoconservation and palaeontological heritage,
(6) Jurassic organic geochemistry;
moreover, special meetings of the working groups of the Jurassic Subcommission related with discussion on the problems of boundaries of the stages (GSSP) are planned, as well as meetings of other groups of activity related with Jurassic System are planned (special session of IGCP project no. 506 "Marine and non-marine Jurassic: global correlation and major geological events" are planned).


Al. Mickiewicza 30

Additional Information

Field trips in southern Poland and north-western Slovakia will be arranged before and after Congress: Pre-Congress (A) "From Tethyan to epicratonic facies" (Pieniny Klippen Belt, Carpathian Flysh – Cracow Upland); Post-Congress: B1 "Biostratigraphical framework from Bajocian to Oxfordian" (from Częstochowa Upland to Cracow Upland), B2 "Upper Jurassic shallow-water carbonate platform and open-shelf facies" (from Holy Cross Mts to Częstochowa Upland), B3 "Inside Tethys" (Inner Carpathians of Poland and Slovakia), B4 "Lower Jurassic marginal-marine and continental deposits – sedimentation, sequences and ecosystems" (Holy Cross Mts). Second circular will be available in Autumn 2005. Paper Presentations: Deadline to Submit Abstracts : Spring 2006 Deadline to Submit Papers: during conference