Event Date/Time: Sep 07, 2005 End Date/Time: Sep 07, 2005
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Over the course of twenty years of hands-on marketing experience, Lindstrom has conceived a revolutionary set of principles that transform marketing strategies into positive business results. He rejects the old rules of the industry that conceptualized branding as an art form composed of vague commercials and awareness messages. Instead, his unique vision is scientific and process-based. It makes branding the driver of sales and profits, and consequently the centerpiece of business. You will discover sensory branding The untapped branding potential. Most marketing and brand building plans pivot around only two senses: sight and sound. Yes, brand awareness is created. But it's diluted compared to the rare brands that appeal to all five senses. These visionary companies prove that the more the senses are involved, the more brand awareness is multiplied. And as a result, the stronger the impression that is left on its audience.

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This groundbreaking must-attend seminar for all marketing executives and decision makers. Attend this symposium and you will: - Experience the brand revolution first hand with Martin Lindstrom LIVE - Acquire NEW and cutting-edge information about the future of branding and how to drive brand growth through innovation - Learn how other organizations are using BRAND sense to build brand equity - Be among the first to experience the world's largest sensory brand study, conducted by more than 600 researchers, over a period of 18 months - Witness, first hand, the power of Sensory Branding via sensory experiments conducted during the BRAND sense symposium

Every senior executive, marketer, product or service provider will find the BRAND sense Symposium relevant. BRAND sense appeals both to the corporate as well as the SME sector. Almost every industry is guaranteed to gain substantially from participating at this Symposium, either as a delegate or sponsor.

This is a truly global Symposium. However, the concept is equally relevant at a regional level because of the extensive knowledge gleaned from the many local studies, video interviews and focus groups carried out across the world. This wealth of research has enabled the symposium to create a perfect balance offering you both relevant local cases as well as startling global findings, ensuring that no matter where in the world you are based this will without any doubt be relevant.


Revolutionary findings

The symposiums are designed to make the fascinating insights and results that emerged from the BRAND sense study tangible. As such they involve a highly interactive presentation, naturally including sound, sight and smell as strong sensory ingredients. Utilizing the involvement of our five senses in branding, several features involving multi-sensory experiences will be integrated in the Symposia. In partnership with the highly acclaimed composers, a special sound track has been developed to play before, during and after the BRAND sense Symposia, creating the feeling and setting the mood.

Videos have also been produced, and smell will be incorporated as a means of engaging the audience. Martin Lindstrom guarantees a highly branded and harmonic symposium giving the delegates a viable impression of the powers of integrating and leveraging our five senses in future branding and communications.

See Martin Lindstrom on stage explaining the concept of sensory branding...

-----------------------------------------------What the BRAND sense Symposium will do...

Help you transform a brand from a two-sense product into a five-sense phenomenon.

Identify the exciting new sensory potential of your brand.

Take you through a six-step process that will see your brand cross the vital sensory threshold, and equip you with the tools to evaluate your brand from a multi-sensory perspective.

Present tools to optimize your existing marketing program - in most cases without any additional investment required.

Put you on the very cutting edge of branding


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