The Secrets of How to be an Empowered Successful Spiritual Life Coach (CDI070505)

Venue: Telephone

Location: Pittsburgh, United States

Event Date/Time: Jul 05, 2005 End Date/Time: Jul 05, 2005
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Announcing A Special Closed-door Interview!

Do you feel a calling to help transform the world but don’t know how you will be able to make a living doing it?

Are you a coach or spiritual practitioner who is tired of struggling and yearns to feel secure about attracting ideal clients, money, and having a coaching process that really gets tangible results?

Do you ever secretly feel jealous when you see authors and people that are making it in the world conveying the messages you feel in your heart, yet you don’t know how to do the same thing? WE are here to serve you!

What if you could pick the brain of one of the most successful Spiritual Coaches in the world for FR*E?

What if in one hour you could understand what it REALLY takes to make it as a Spiritual Life coach? Would you take an hour to invest in your life purpose?

We will also cover:

5 Keys to Closing the Gap

Expectation >>> GAP <<< Reality

Think back to your original expectations when you first launched your coaching business.

• How many clients did you picture yourself serving?

• What quality service did you hope to deliver?

• What income did you expect?

Is there a gap between your initial expectations and your present reality?

Learn five secrets to closing the gap

Discover five secrets to becoming a successful spiritual life coach. Some participants in this teleclass will receive a gift of over $4,000 in coaching support from Sharon Wilson.
Learn how you can receive the support that will ensure your success, whether you are new to coaching, or are already trained as a coach but want to use a spiritual approach.

Come and Join Sherry Hudson, in this powerful private Interview. Sherry is an internationally known expert on Accelerated Learning Technologies and has successfully taken this into public school systems to kindle souls in a new way. Many believe her expertise using an emotional management process to tap into the Law of Attraction and easily get what you want is priceless.
Sherry will interview Sharon Wilson, Founder of Coaching from Spirit, Certified Spiritual Counselor, author and sought after key note speaker and trainer. Sharon has trained thousands of people how to learn spiritual life coaching skills in order to be more effective in their lives and work. Sharon has a passion to assist all those that are called to serve in the world by helping them to activate their connection to their inner guidance so as to manifest the life and work of their dreams and make healthy incomes doing it!

Sharon says:
Sherry suggested that instead of teaching a class I just tell people what I wish I knew then that I know now, when I was first starting my coaching business. What an inspired idea! That way I can help more people to do what they love and break through the cycle of struggle, frustration and sense of being alone. You are not alone!”

We want to hear from you what are YOUR issues, YOUR concerns YOUR questions? Whether you are considering starting a career as a Spiritual Life Coach, or want to add these advanced skill sets to your current fractioned business, or just want to break though any blocks that are keeping you from the success you deserve as a Spiritual Coach.

You can email us at

We will be leaving 15 minutes for your personal questions so come and activate what wants to be activated IN YOU!

We will also share some information about a NEW Spiritual Life Coach training program that I will be teaching to a select group of people. We will be interviewing in the next two weeks.

In this NEW certification program you will learn exactly HOW to coach someone as a Spiritual Coach. I will teach you, step by step, all my secrets and processes that earn me at least $600 or more an hour as a Spiritual Life Coach, coaching business executives, celebrities, and high profile clients.

These secrets and the things I learned have given me the lifestyle and freedom to spend time being a philanthropist and giving free coaching to places like the battered women's shelter.

You can have it all doing the work of Spirit serving others and have a great income and balanced life!"


Additional Information

This is a free class. Held on July 5, 2005 from 8pm-9pm EST.