Peptides and Therapeutic Proteins: New Opportunities for Macromolecule Development; Delivery;and Com

Venue: Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Event Date/Time: Nov 17, 2005 End Date/Time: Nov 18, 2005
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Protein and peptide therapeutics have been touted as a promising new addition to the pharmaceutical armamentarium over the last 10 to 20 years, but it is only recently that the field has caught fire. The early 2000s have seen a spate of new medicines, such as monoclonal antibodies, whose success has been made possible through research and technology advances, especially in delivery systems. New delivery techniques and manufacturing technologies, however, coupled with intensified research and development programs, resulted in the approval of new peptide-based drugs such as Fuzeon for HIV and Enbrel for RA, plus dozens of others. More importantly, there are 600 to 700 proteins peptides in development worldwide, and in 2004, the worldwide market was estimated to be about $1.1 billion. The United States makes up 65% of the total world market, followed by Europe at 30%.

The Strategic Research Institute is pleased to announce the upcoming conference on Peptides and Therapeutic Proteins: New Opportunities for Macromolecule Development, Delivery, and Commercialization to take place in Philadelphia. The conference features presenters from industry and academic leaders on how proteins and peptides are becoming more therapeutically viable as new technologies, delivery systems, and R & D advances are all converging to make macromolecules more commercially attractive for the pharmaceutical industry. The conference features over 30 speakers from pharma, specialty pharma, and biotech companies. The conference sections are: 1) Emerging Opportunities in Peptides and Therapeutics, 2) Advances in Biotherapeutics & 3) New Technologies to Deliver Peptides, Proteins and Antibodies.