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Should teachers take children on foreign trips? Should parents allow their children to walk to school or play out at night? Should all adults who want to volunteer their time to work with children be vetted before we allow them to do so? Are strangers a danger? And what about grooming on the internet?

Today the question of child safety is at the forefront of most of the relationships and activities we carry out with children. But how 'at risk' are children and young people?

Concerns about child safety have led to many changes in the way teachers teach, parents look after their children and play workers think about 'safe' play. But to what extent are these developments assisting or limiting the development of children and young people? And what impact is the constant concern about 'child safety' having upon adults and society as a whole?

Safety has always been an issue for those involved in teaching, working with and looking after children. But today the question needs to be asked: "Has child safety gone too far?"

The purpose of the conference Cotton Wool Kids? Making sense of 'child safety' click is to understand the issue of child safety and to establish a balance between the freedom and safety necessary for the development of healthy young people.

Sessions and Speaker list

Session One: Making Sense of Child Safey

Frank Furedi
Christina Hoff Sommers

Session Two: Risk Management

Kate Abley
Sarah Thomson
Dan Lloyd

Session Three: Streetwise or Safe

Gill Valentine
Tim Gill
John McKendrick

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