European Manufacturing Summit (EMS)

Venue: Munich

Location: Munich, Germany

Event Date/Time: Jan 16, 2006 End Date/Time: Jan 17, 2006
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New European Manufacturing Strategies is an unrivalled business opportunity for those facing challenges within the manufacturing industry. The summit brings together senior executives responsible for manufacturing across EMEA to discuss key issues including:

- The future of manufacturing in Europe
- Business and process management
- Recruitment, training and people management
- Technological developments and drivers
- Supply chain and RFID
- Optimising the production process
- Innovation and quality

Toyota Production System:

Although this is no new theory, many firms are having problems not only implementing but also understanding the underlying principles of the Toyota Production System. New European Manufacturing Strategies provides key insights into the Toyota model so that business can employ more cost effective production processes. The event brings together real examples and case studies of this strategy in action, providing the tools needed to improve the manufacturing function.


With developments in areas such as six sigma and lean manufacturing , a constant reassessment of process efficiency and design is key to maintaining competitive advantage. At the summit, issues such as these will be discussed in open forum round-table sessions, as well as by leading professionals throughout the conference programme.


Organisational change in today's business world requires a change or adaptation of technology . This event will provide all attendees with an unbiased view of enabling technologies that will nurture growth in both margin and efficiency. Developing technologies such as RFID and data integration systems will be put through their paces by industry experts with first hand experience of the current benefits and limitations.


Cultural issues can be significant hurdles when implementing change within an organization; in manufacturing the issues are more apparent. Training is a contributing factor to quality, efficiency and change management. However, this is a dynamic concept that requires continuous re-assessment to ensure that the means and human capital are available to meet corporate objectives.


Innovation is a key theme running throughout the event. It is the goal at World Trade to ensure that access is made available to the most up to date and innovative concepts and technologies in the manufacturing world. Every presentation and discussion will feature many valuable perspectives to provide the tools necessary to make the most informed choices for the manufacturing function.