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Solving the Puzzle of Boys' Under-achievement

Recent media reports have provoked alarm over the "boy crisis." In
this session, Dr. Sokal will look at the current academic achievement of boys,
discuss some of its potential causes, and explore characteristics of
programs that are demonstrating success at helping our boys achieve in

Kids Without Choices

Some students have the choice to act out, tune out, or drop out, while others are not as fortunate. This presentation will focus on those students who experience school failure through no fault of their own. Common undiagnosed psychological disorders such as Mood, Oppositional Defiant (ODD) and Conduct Disorder, as well as childhood anxiety will be summarized.

Scott McDonald and Wes Warren will together share the stage in this presentation aimed to assist teachers in identifying and assisting those kids who are living with these challenges. Both presenters will share proven strategies "from the trenches" that are broad enough to fit a variety of educational settings. You do not have to be a psychologist, or social worker to benefit from this session. "This was the best staff meeting I have ever attended!" remarked one teacher to the speaker after a school in-service session on this topic.

Meanness in the Digital Age

Bullying and meanness among students is nothing new to teachers, but the popularity of new technology has added a new twist to an old problem. "Cyber-bullying" is the term commonly used to describe threats delivered through interactive media such as cell phones, instant messaging, message boards, chat and e-mail – and we are just beginning to recognize the very real consequences to these forms of "virtual" harassment. But cyber-bullying is only one part of a larger culture of cruelty that digital culture promotes. On the Web, there's a continuum of mean-spiritedness -- from Web sites that get laughs at the expense of others to Web sites that actively promote violence or hate.

How can teachers respond to this "brave new world?" In this presentation, Jane Tallim will address the challenge of how we can make young people feel accountable online and how we can help them consider the implications of their online behaviour.

Dr. Laura Sokal

Dr. Sokal completed her B.Ed., M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at the University of Manitoba. She has also completed a Certificate in Higher Education Teaching.

Dr. Sokal has worked in a variety of settings teaching children and adults. Apart from working in schools, Laura has worked as a Child Life Therapist at Children's Hospital, as Director of an inner-city program for children "at risk", and as an Instructor at Red River College and University of Manitoba. Her research interests include risk and resilience in children, and gender development in boys and its implications for school outcomes. Recent projects include a WIRA-funded study that examined whether the sex of the reading teacher affected boys' reading skills. Dr. Sokal's current research is supported by a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Eighteen research assistants and 180 inner-city boys are taking part in a study examining the effects of high-interest books and computer-based texts on boys' reading motivation and performance.

Jane Tallim

Jane Tallim is Media Awareness Network’s (MNet) Director of Education and an internationally recognized expert in media issues affecting youth. Jane manages for the For Teachers section of the MNet Web site and creates educational resources on a wide range of media-related topics. She promotes MNet to educators through national and international speaking engagements and is MNet's primary professional development trainer.

Scott McDonald

Scott, a former teacher, is a Family Therapist with Child Welfare, and runs his own private practice. His focus is in planning for and assisting difficult or damaged youth and teens. Recently, he has been working with fetal alcohol affected children. He has experience working with school teams in planning for children with Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Wes Warren

Wes is a counseling psychologist with over 20 years of experience in working with at risk youth in the elementary, middle and senior years. In addition to his role as Vice-President of the Manitoba Association of Secondary Teachers of At Risk Students, he is also a member of the provincial A.P. Executive. Currently, Wes works at Murdoch MacKay Collegiate in Winnipeg, where he focuses on increasing student success by fostering a sense of achievement and belonging.


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