The Anatomy of Personality, Intuition, and Illness

Venue: Metro-Central YMCA

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Event Date/Time: Sep 29, 2005 End Date/Time: Sep 30, 2005
Early Registration Date: Sep 15, 2005
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This workshop will provide an overview of how to combine and apply the insights of neuropsychiatry (the science of wiring of emotions, thoughts, personality, gender, and behaviour in the brain) and Medical Intuition (the connections between emotional states and physical illness). Neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, will discuss how the last two decades of brain research have revolutionized our scientific understanding of how mood, anxiety, perception, attention, memory, intuition, and decision-making are wired in specific networks in our brains.

At the same time, a rapidly growing body of medical literature is documenting the physical effects of emotions on the body. To create optimal health, we need a basic understanding of how, why, where, and when specific emotional and mental patterns can set the stage for physical illness. We also need to understand how intuition comes to us through unique changes in mood, anxiety, attention, dreams, images, and physical symptoms in our body.

At the end of this workshop, participants will have an understanding of how the brain is wired. They will learn how gender and handedness are wired in the brain and how certain styles of mood, anxiety, perception, attention, memory, and intuition may affect health. Finally, participants will learn how to best work with their own and their patients' intuitive brain-body styles to enhance awareness and healing in both a personal and a professional setting.

You will learn about —
* Gender, hormones, and the brain
* How menopause and hormonal treatments re-wire the brain
* The wiring of self-esteem, satisfaction, and addiction
* Depression, irritability, and moodiness across the lifespan
* Fears and phobias, anxiety and obsessions
* Stress, distress, and memory loss
* The science of medical intuition
* The Seven Emotional Centres: your body's language for intuition


20 Grosvenor Street