Close Up on Narrative Practice: A Day with David Epston

Venue: Metro-Central YMCA

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Event Date/Time: Nov 29, 2005 End Date/Time: Nov 29, 2005
Early Registration Date: Sep 15, 2005
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In this workshop, David Epston will teach by conducting live interviews, with one considerable difference: the problems discussed will be "over and done with", and therefore such interviews will permit persistent "stopping and starting". David will take time to "reflect-on-action" in almost present time. Those attending — as well as the interviewee — will be able to look into David's thinking, "thought for thought" and even "word for word". From moment to moment, David will "situate" his practice, and participants will be invited to query him in order to satisfy their curiosities. Responses to these questions should lead to wide-ranging discussions. At some stage, workshop members will "join" David in trying out similar practices privately — or perhaps in small groups — and then compare notes with particular aspects of the ongoing interview. In addition, interviewees who agree will make themselves available to enquiries about their experience of any particular question or line of enquiry, adding another rich layer to discussions.

The intention of this workshop format is to be generative of the learning of new formats of questions and lines of enquiry that excite the imagination, provoke curiosity, and go beyond what has already been considered. Two themes will be addressed throughout: firstly, "what is a good question?" and secondly, "what lines of enquiry lead to the novel and previously unconsidered?"

This workshop format can be as useful and stimulating for an advanced narrative therapy practitioner or trainer/consultant as well as for a student who has recently engaged with the theory and ideas of narrative or post-modern therapies.


20 Grosvenor Street

Additional Information

This will be an intimate workshop with a limit of 45 participants; early registration is advised. David Epston will also be presenting the workshop, Inspiring Resistance to Anorexia/Bulimia. Register for both days at a discounted rate. Visit our website, and go to the registration page for more information.