Event Date/Time: Sep 07, 2005
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This conference will focus on the transformational impact of the unmanned warfare, focusing on new development on all
unmanned programs as well as emerging technologies and advanced concepts and future developments.
The program also will engage in related technologies and advances. It will be an informed, and highly engaging participatory program which will be divided into two tracks:
- Force Protection/UGV/Robotics
Attendees will be allowed the opportunity to hear rare case studies and information from front line commanders and the heads of all major policy offices. Furthermore, industry will be afforded the opportunity to hear the
efficiencies and deficiencies of their current and future programs. Unmanned vehicles and robotics are now an integral part of military operations; not only the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) but increasingly as unmanned
ground systems and robotics become more prominent. The challenges associated with UVS now facing are not only their use in the battlespace but equally their successful integration and the subsequent exploitation of their capabilities, to take on tasks that are ‘high risk’ yet critical to modern day operations. It will also discuss why development of the necessary unmanned capabilities demands a high level of responsiveness to technological change and to evolving requirements in the Armed Forces. We will hear how the exploitation of innovation and the ability to integrate capability amongst already established combat systems and units is crucial to the continuing development of unmanned systems in the military.