Space Exploration: who, what, when, where, why?

Venue: ISU\'s Central Campus

Location: Strasbourg, France

Event Date/Time: Nov 30, 2005 End Date/Time: Dec 02, 2005
Registration Date: Nov 18, 2005
Early Registration Date: Nov 04, 2005
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Who, What, When,Where, Why? are the standard questions that journalists everywhere seek to answer in their articles, and the space related
topic capturing the most media attention presently, without any doubt, is the future of Space Exploration.

Here is a list of headlines from articles that
appeared on this theme in space publications over just a few days earlier this year: ‘Experts
Grapple with Exploration Agenda’ (in a report from the US National Space Symposium); ‘China to
Establish Moon Base with Other Countries’; ‘Europe Planning a Mars Rover Mission’; ‘Japan Hopes to Launch Manned Space
Shuttle to Moon in Twenty Years’; ‘Russia Suggests Manned Martian Mission Plan’.

How many of these visions and projections will become reality? Who will participate in these
ventures, by what means, when will they achieve
their goals and where will they go exactly? These are questions we will address at the 10th
Annual International Symposium. It’s easy to
gloss over the question ‘why?’ in a gathering of
space enthusiasts but we must certainly consider
that question too if we are to convince politicians and the public that a vigorous, international program of space exploration will benefit us all. The three-day symposium will take place roughly two years after the US announced a new vision for its civil space program, shortly before Europe sets its agenda at the next ESA Ministerial Council, and at a time when other nations are seeking answers about the extent and mode of their involvement in space exploration in the coming
years and decades.


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