Event Date/Time: Sep 16, 2005
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TATAA Biocenter Open Course in QPCR.

We have found that the demand for training in the field of real-time PCR (QPCR) is huge and to coordinate these we aim to arrange three day courses. The first course will be directed to people planning or considering using QPCR in their research and also users not yet fully familiar will QPCR. The second day targets more advanced users and people concentrating on different quantification strategies. The third day focuses on aspecs in sample preparation and reverse transcription. The courses contain both theoretical seminars and practical hands-on training with experienced supervision.

Day 1:
The basic course consists of a theoretical part and a practical part where participants get to do QPCR experiments by themselves under experienced supervision. The course contains:
*Basic PCR theory
*The theory of real-time PCR
*Applications and possibilities of QPCR. Comparison of QPCR with regular PCR.
*Review of currently available detection technologies (SYBR Green I, TaqMan, Molecular Beacons...etc)
*Different instrument plattforms and their typical uses
*Primer Design
*The problem of primerdimer fromation and how to minimize them
*Probe Design
*Experimental design and optimization
*Basic data handling and analysis

Day 2:
More advanced users will, apart from a brief review of the above, also learn about:
*Introduction to quantification principles
*Quantification strategies, uses and limitations
*Calculations using different relative quantification methods
*Strategies for normalization of QPCR data
*In situ calibration for compensation of inhibition in samples

Day 3:
This course covers aspects in sample preparation and reverse transcriptions.
*Principles of RT
*Priming methods for RT
*What enzymes are preferential for different applications
*Sample Preparation (Extraction of RNA and DNA)
*Other applications: Multiplexing and SNP analysis
and more...