Event Date/Time: Sep 16, 2005
Abstract Submission Date: Nov 15, 2005
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The EU, in its unique attempt at supranational governance, has had wide-ranging effects not only on its
member states, but also on global actors outside the EU, among them individual nation-states, transnational
corporations, and NGOs. The 10th Annual CGES Graduate Conference is an opportunity for Masters and
Doctoral candidates from the humanities and social sciences to explore the many “ripple effects” the
European project has had on global interaction and exchange.
The Conference is multidisciplinary in nature, generally with one panel from each of four disciplines: History,
Cultural Studies, Political Science and Economics. Abstracts might consider addressing the following issues:
Antecedents of responses to EU policies and institutions
Cultural challenges and effects of the European integration project
Political consequences of the EU on domestic actors
Questioning the neo-liberal economic trend in Europe and its effects
At the close of the conference, two papers will be selected to receive ‘Best Paper’ awards on the basis of their
academic quality, as judged by the panel commentators. Selected papers will each receive a $250 award.