Corporate Treasury Management (SSP45)

Venue: The Meritus Mandarin, Singapore

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Event Date/Time: Jan 23, 2006 End Date/Time: Jan 24, 2006
Registration Date: Jan 20, 2006
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The business world is relentless and the battlefield will only get tougher. Therefore companies are focus on utilising whatever means possible to further improve its profit and provide better value to the shareholders. Although it is true, that smaller companies treasury function is limited and may be just another department in finance division, more and more companies are realising just how important treasury is to them and how it can benefit them.

Companies are realising that not all profit needs to be given back to shareholders as dividends or for future business expansion only. They are realising now that the excess cash can use as additional channel to generate profit by investing it. Traditional options include depositing into time deposit with banks or other investments means. Now, companies may include credit derivates as an investment tool.

This is why corporate treasury is gaining more standing within the company. With the emergence of new investment strategies and more solution providers within the financial sector, it is no wonder why corporate treasury is gaining popularity. Companies do want to know what is the optimum level of cash required to sustain the business, how much should be invested back into the business, how much should be given back to shareholders and how much should be invested.

Corporate Treasury Management will address the key issues, which are of major concern to organisations. This conference will provide an opportunity for companies that have implemented an advance corporate treasury division or interested to expand its corporate treasury to probe new methods to increase ROI and reduce business process cost and time. Also, given the chance to benchmark against other leaders in the industry to assist companies in realising optimum results they can achieve from corporate treasury.