Event Date/Time: Jan 30, 2006 End Date/Time: Feb 01, 2006
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EBO focuses on desired effects, crafting military operations to better achieve the policy objective in a more effective and efficient manner. EBO is fast becoming a major influence within current and future military operational planning, despite the ambiguity over the actual nature of EBO. It focuses on planning, executing and assessing military activities for the effects produced, rather than merely attacking targets or simply dealing with objectives. An EBO approach starts from a high-level systems perspective and explicitly seeks to understand, trace and anticipate direct and indirect effects of a specific action. The challenge is predicting and assessing what physical actions produce the desired behavioral effects over a period of time.

The US DoD is currently exploring the EBO concepts and hoping to better define and understand it to allow for future implementation. Although EBO has been used in past conflicts, it’s true potential has not yet been fully researched and developed.

By attending this event you will explore the concepts, tactics and information technology that drive EBO. It will address key EBO issues including creating a common definition of EBO, designing and allocating tools and research, planning of operations, implementation and assessing the results of EBOs.

The event will also feature a pre conference, half-day workshop. This will be an in-depth look at advanced modeling and simulation in support of effects based operations. The workshop will allow participants to engage in an interactive forum and share their perspective on how to better create tools to more accurately predict the effects of EBOs.


Washington, DC
United States

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Key Topics: * Establishing a clear definition of EBO * Creating effective modeling and simulation systems * Facilitating an efficient transition from theory to practice * Developing and acquiring tools to implement EBO * Assessing EBO efforts to examine effectiveness