Event Date/Time: Jan 29, 2006 End Date/Time: Feb 01, 2006
Early Registration Date: Nov 18, 2005
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Here is what you need to know moving into 2006: The economy is growing; the US economy is healthier, keeping its markets attractive…

Specific to Institutional Real Estate Investing: Allocations into real estate have increased; Real estate continues to offer valuable diversification, a reduction of volatility, a cash yield, and some inflation protection; More people are using real estate for growth rather than its traditional purpose of matching liabilities; Most of today’s large scale real estate transactions involve institutional investors, among these are REITs, the larger life insurance companies and pension funds while endowments and foundations plan on increasing their exposure to real estate; And finally, the choices about investment vehicles have expanded over the past two decades with the rise of REITs, hedge funds, derivatives, among other alternative products.

The real estate industry is becoming more resourceful and profitable.

Join us at IREIF and get an in-depth look into the Real Estate Trade, and gain competitive knowledge about the Options Beyond Traditional Real Estate Investing.

In today’s capital intensive market, with prices becoming more aggressive, it’s crucial that you learn from top industry investors:

Where is capital moving into and where is it coming from?
What are the new alternatives within real estate, their risks and returns?
How do you decrease uncertainty in an upwards performing alternative?
Approaches to global real estate, Europe vs. Asia?
Where are the real returns these days and how you measure their risk?
Which real estate strategies are yielding higher returns: core, value, or opportunity?
The Strategic Research Institute continues to innovate and lead the alternative investing industry. The company was the first to launch concurrent alternative investment programs and continues to meet the needs of the industry. As part of the "Alternative Investment Roundup", the Institutional Real Estate Investing Forum will run concurrently with the Private Equity Roundup and the Blue Ribbon Hedge Fund Symposium. This year the programs will share General Assembly Sessions the entire morning of the first day and will reconvene for the sessions on the final day of the event as well, providing you with an opportunity to learn and compare the main alternative asset classes.