Event Date/Time: Feb 06, 2006 End Date/Time: Feb 08, 2006
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The 21st century sets the stage for tremendous increases in naval precision, reach and connectivity, ushering in a new era of joint operational effectiveness. Innovative concepts and technologies will integrate sea, land, air, space and cyberspace to a greater extent than ever before. As part of the US Navy Sea power 21 programs and US Marines Strategy 21 program, sea basing ensures that the US possesses credible combat capability that promotes regional stability.

Sea Basing provides naval forces with the ability to project power using air, surface, sub-surface and Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) asset and includes the ability to assemble, equip, project, support, and sustain forces without reliance on land bases within the Joint Operations Area. The enhanced networked sea base will integrate assets into one coherent force, enabled by FORCE net, while significantly increasing the ability to project, support and sustain forces throughout the battle space. Seabasing capabilities will minimize limitations imposed by reliance on overseas shore-based support and maximize the ability of the joint force to conduct sustained, persistent combat operations from the maritime domain. These capabilities will also enable the transformed joint force to exploit the nation’s asymmetric advantage in the battle space.

Seabasing 2006 will be an informed and highly engaging executive forum that will allow delegates the opportunity to hear about the logistical and technological developments in the Seabasing community. It will take a look at the current concept of operations for Seabasing, the defined squadron and how they will help achieve the Seapower 21 vision. Attention will be placed on the present applications and the future scope. Industry will be afforded the opportunity the opportunity to hear the efficiencies and needs of their products – directly from key strategy, policy and planning personnel, joint forces officials, and there will be ample opportunity to discuss future imperatives in formulating practical and cost-effective solutions. There is a pressing and timely need to address progress and future direction of the Seabasing initiative in the various DOD department’s operational objectives (battle-space dominance, power projection; command and force sustenance)